The Guardian updates their Android news application

UK based newspaper the Guardian has just released an update to their own Android app with the aim of making the application more user friendly for those users looking for the latest news and social media from within the app. There are a number of new features that have been added to the app along with several tweaks to make the overall user experience better. The most notable new feature is that of the additon of an ‘action bar’.The action bar is the kind of feature that is really expected on most Android apps and is present on many already. This bar gives access to basic and necessary functions including a refresh button, a quick edit button and the options to favourite the page you are reading or share the page. There is also an addition of what the Guardian refer to as a ‘G’ button within the action bar which when pressed will scroll users up through the content and back to the previous menu or the homepage for ease of navigation. The action bar is found in the top right of the app screen and will open up when touched to offer these much needed options for users of the application. Other changes include tweaks to the sections list within the app. It is now easier to find related topics and sections when using the application. For example it is now possible to jump to a related section of articles based on the article you may be reading, at the touch of a button. There have been the usual bug fixes and tweaks to how articles are displayed in the app. Unfortunately, in order to do this and make media content display better within live blogs, the pinch to zoom feature has had to be removed from the application. An option to change font size has been added though to replace this feature. The Guardian news app update, which is now up to version 2.2, is available to download now from the Google Play Store.

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