A company named TCL is announcing a new product for this year using the Android OS. Not a tablet nor a computer, it’s a full-fledged TV. The  TV from most accounts will run off an ARM CPU, have internal storage, and even cook you breakfast apparently in the form of an cupcake, dounut, eclair and now a froyo :P.   The last claim about breakfast is apparently false but Android users can rejoice in knowing that they can finally start hacking their TVs for things like overclocking. Realistically this won’t be the latest most highly advanced TV out there but it certainly has some promise by nicely nestling a full entertainment system right in your living room. This means you’ll be able to play media files like  an .mpeg, .png, and more without the need of another box or third party specialty equipment. The company has had a lot of time to work this project since they started back in 2008, and so I’d like to think they did a nice job customizing it but I cannot say yet. The company plans to release the current model shown in the above picture later this year but only to mainland China with no ETA for the USA yet. There is no pricing structure yet either so I can’t say their fairly price either so only time will tell. Overall I gotta say if this baby ends up being 1080P I’d call this an easy buy for all the power you’ll get with Android built-in to the TV itself.

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