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The Official After Earth Game is now Available on Google Play

by On We’ve seen a slew of movie tie-in games over the past few months, and today we’re getting another two more. The first game (World War Z) has already been pulled from the Play Store for technical reasons, so we’re going to take a look at After Earth, a game is based off the new Will Smith flick of the same name.Screenshot_2013-05-30-16-33-55The After Earth game puts you in the role of a Ranger who’s been selected to participate in the Elite Ranger Academy. From there you’ll have to fight off aliens and humans as you speed through the exotic landscapes from the film. The gameplay follows the standard runner setup where you’ll swipe to turn, dodge, jump, etc… nothing groundbreaking, but solid for the most part. The After Earth game lets you take on 20 challenging missions in Story Mode or you can just go for distance with After Earth’s Infinite Mode. As for the extras, there are daily challenges, achievements to shoot for, and multiple suits to collect. We try to take a look at most of the movie tie-in games that get released, and the After Earth game is one of the better looking games we’ve seen. After Earth is quite a bit of fun as well, and it certainly sets itself apart from Temple Run and the slew of running games on Google Play. IAP’s are present, but we’re not sure how much they’ll affect the gameplay. Either way, you’re getting a great looking game for cheap as After Earth’s only going to set you back $0.99. If you want to give it a run, you can pick up Reliance Games After Earth on Google Play.

After Earth