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The Official ETSY Android App is now available on Google Play

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If you’re an avid ETSY users today’s your lucky day. The official ETSY Android app has finally arrived and it’s going to make a lot of people happy as you can now browse and buy from the popular site just in time for holidays.ETSY Andorid App The ETSY Android app lets you peruse items on ETSY until your eyes hurt, and that’s probably going to happen as ETSY is full of cool swag. You can search the site or search peoples shops and if you you see something you like it can be bought or favorited. As mentioned ETSY has a ton of cool stuff and you’ll get to browse over 17 million items from over 800,000 sellers around the world. Their numbers not mine, but I’d say they’re pretty damned close as I’ve been shopping on there for years. I noticed this one early this morning and haven’t had time to go over it througly, but the ETSY Android App seems to have all the basics covered on the consumer end of things. It’s easy to navigate and looks great, but I didn’t really notice any features for sellers. I will definitely dig deeper into the app over the next few days and will report back with a full review by Friday. If you’d like to give the ETSY app a go you can get it for free… just clear up a few hours of your free time first.

ETSY for Android