The Original Angry Birds gets an Update with 30 New Levels and Power-Ups

Rovio is in the news again today as they’ve just released an update to the original Angry Birds game. Just a few days after Angry Birds Star Wars was announced, and a week after Bad Piggies fans can go back to the game that started it all and dole out some punishment with some brand new power-ups. The Angry Birds update brings 30 new levels to the game along with several new power-ups. We’re getting 2 new level packs with Bad Piggies & Surf & Turf. The Bad Piggies levels are all themed to promote Rovio’s new Bad Piggies game while the Surf and Turf levels take us to the beach for a little fun.  In addition to the 30 levels we are also getting 4 fun power-ups to use in the form of Birdquake, Sling King, Super Seeds, and the Sling Scope Laser Targeting System. Birdquake makes the ground tremble while Super Seeds make your Angry Birds a little angrier and a whole lot bigger. The Sling Scope is pretty self-explanatory, and the Sling King is a giant high powered slingshot. The power-ups you have available are shown on the bottom side of the screen represented by a lightning bolt button. You’ll only start out with a few to try, but can always buy more via the in-app purchase menu. I’ll admit I haven’t played the original Angry Birds in ages, but I am constantly surprised and impressed at the way Rovio continues to update its games. The newest additions to the original game is a good one, and the power-ups change the game up a bit and makes getting through those tricky levels a little bit easier as well.  If you haven’t played the original in a while now is the time to pick it back up and try out the new levels and features. You can get the ad-supported version of Angry Birds for free.

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