overdog_logoHave you ever wanted to go up against your favorite athletes? A lot us have, and the OverDog app aims to let you do just that. While it won’t let you go head to head against Jordan on the court, it will let you play against a pro athlete in games like NBA 2k13 and Madden 25.

It’s no secret that a lot of athletes are avid games. They play just as much as the average joe if not more as the offseason can give you a lot of down time. OverDog has around 200 athletes ready to give you a challenge and getting your game on is as easy as entering OverDog’s lottery setup. Whenever a player is ready for a match they’ll issue a challenge which you’ll received via push notification, and one lucky player will be picked to play against the athlete.
As cool as it sounds, gamers are a difficult group to please and once could imagine people groaning about not being chosen to play against a pro. OverDog has a solution for that with v2 of their app which is scheduled to launch this week. The second iteration of the OverDog app will open things up for fans that don’t win by allowing them to get together and play against each other. In a nutshell, you could have Cowboys fans going up against a group of Redskins fans in Call of Duty so the rivalries can continue online.fan_1_challenge

As mentioned, OverDog already has a slew of athletes on their roster including the likes of Matt Forte, Lange Briggs, David Price, Tally Hall, Mewelde Moore, Randy Moss, Leon Lett, and Calvin Johnson just to name a few. The iOS app has been out for a bit, and v2 is set to launch this week which will bring the OverDog app to Android users. It’s also right in time for Madden 25 and the upcoming NFL season, so you can expect it to be a very popular app. We’ll have more on the Android version of the OverDog app as soon as it hits Google Play.

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