The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition Will Be US Only

galaxy s4 google edition The current flagship of Samsung, the Galaxy S4, will be launched in a US only edition, namely the Galaxy S4 Google Edition, without the proprietary TouchWiz user interface, running on “pure Android”. The new device was officially presented at Google’s I/O conference last night and was received with great enthusiasm by the developer community. This change was made in order to respond to customer’s issues regarding the internal memory of the device, advertised to be 16 GB. Because of various features and Samsung’s proprietary software, the internal memory available for the regular user is only ~8 GB and Samsung decided to do something about it. Hence, enters the Galaxy S4 Google Edition, a true-blue Android smartphone, stripped of Samsung’s extra features and the UI tweaks from the now missing TouchWiz. Unfortunately for other Samsung aficionados, the Pure Android version will be launched only in the US. If the Galaxy S4 Google Edition will be a hit in terms of sales like the regular version, we may expect Samsung to offer it for the whole world; that remains to be seen. Compared to its sibling, the Galaxy S4 Google Edition looks almost identical, it has the same 5 inches wide 1080p touch screen and runs on a quad core CPU. But when you start playing with this baby, you will see the difference. The Galaxy S4 Google Edition runs on Vanilla Android only, which means it will run faster and smoother but you might miss the eye-candy apps and features brought by Samsung’s UI. The “Google Edition” thingy might not be used though, as it comes from earlier rumors, and Google kept quiet until now about the official name of the new version of Galaxy S4. Source : CNET Source :

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