The Square Enix Latin America Game Contest 2012 brings 5 New Games to Android

Every gamer knows the name Square Enix, but not everyone knows about the 2012 Square Enix Latin America Game Contest. Well now you do, and you can thank me later as the contest has brought 5 great new Android games to Google Play and you get to help pick the winner of the contest. First up we have Poltergeist: 16 bit horror from Glitchy Pixel. This one lets you scare the bejesus out of people (and dogs) as you play a ghost trying to scare the living out of your home through 20 spooktacular stages. It’s very pixely and very cool.

Bonfire Trail is a tablet puzzler about a little meteor named Woby. You’ll job is to help Woby rescue his girlfriend while avoiding monsters that want to burn him for cooking fuel. It’s a wild, weird adventure that takes you across 80 hand drawn levels, and it’s a blast to play.

Run for Rum: A Pirate’s Tale is Reload Game Studio’s entry into the contest and it’s the story of Short Legs Bill who’s on a quest to get back his stolen rum. This one’s not so easy to explain in a paragraph so I’ll just tell you that it’s similar to chess, uses unique character classes, and has over 200 different battles. Sound cool? It is and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Anteaters vs. Hedgehogs is a battle that’s as old as time, and Firehorse’s Commander Flag drops you right in the middle of it. You’ll have to fight off waves of wacky enemies as they try to destroy anteater nation and you’ll get to do it on 18 levels set across 3 animated worlds. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have popping hedgehogs on the head, and it’s highly addictive.

Klaus is about a man on a mission to escape an environment full of tricky traps. You’ll have to move Klaus along and operate all sorts of contraptions to keep him from alive as he tries to figure out who he is and what’s going on. It’s an interesting little platformer with a unique control scheme you’ll have to see for yourself.   I stumbled across these games last night while browsing Google Play, and I’m sure glad I did. The games vary wildly from one to the next and most importantly they are all good. I’m not sure if any more games will be added, but I’ll keep an eye out; there are a few iOS games in the contest you can check out on the site as well. All five Android games are definitely worth checking out, and you get to vote on which one you like the best. The results end on November 30th so get your vote in while you still can. All 5 games are available to download for free on Google Play, and you can read more about the contest at the link below.

Square Enix Latin America Game Contest 2012

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