We’re back yet again with another list of our Top 10 New Android Apps of the week, and instead of going through my usual spiel about how there’s something for everyone I’m just going to throw them out there at ya’. Why? Because I’ve got a whole day of NFL action to watch, and I don’t write near as well when I’m inebriated. Without further ado, we proudly present the Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week…

1. uTorrent

BitTorrent Inc released the official uTorrent Android app this week, and while it’s still tagged as Beta it works great. The uTorrent Android client lets you find and download torrents straight to your Android device just like you’d do on the PC. If you download torrents frequently you’ll definitely want to pick this up and you can get it for free on Google Play.

2. Quora

Quaora is an informative little app that tells you what you want to know when you need to know it. You can ask and answer questions, share Quora content, and connect with friends. It’s simple to use and handy if you’re one of those folks that’s full of questions. You can read more about Quora here or check out Quora for free on Google Play.

3. AppDialer – App Search with T9

If you have a ton of apps and games on your phone like I do digging through your screens to find them is no easy task. That’s where an app like Appdialer with T9 can come in handy as it allows you to quickly and efficiently find the app you’re looking for with just a few touches. Very handy app to have and you can pick it up for free.

4. My Disney Experience – WDW

If you’ve ever gone to Disneyworld you know how much fun it is, and you also know how hard it can be to find certain attractions. That’s where an app like the My Disney Experience –WDW app can come in handy as it lets you see wait times, check on dining reservations, and gives you interactive maps of the Disney Theme Parks. If you’re a frequent visitor or are heading there for the first time it looks like a great app to have. You can check out the My Disney Experience – WDW app for free on Google Play.

5. My Colors

My Colors is a simple app for anyone that likes colors. It lets you choose any color you like from the color picker then you’ll be able to set them as wallpapers, save them as .png files or share them via email, sms, etc… As I said, very simple but sometimes simple is a good thing especially when you just want to rock a solid wallpaper on your phone at random. If you’re ready to add a little color to your life you can pick up flashbacks My Colors on Google Play for free.

6. TechCrunch

The official TechCrunch app was released this week and for those of us who read the site regulary it’s a great app to have. You’ll have access to all the site news through the app, and it’s even hooked up to the CrunchBase if you’re into browsing for startups or investors. This one would have been ranked a bit higher, but it didn’t work so well for me as it crashed on my tab, and others are reporting similar issues as well. I’m sure they’ll get it fixed quickly as it is TechCrunch after all. If you want to go ahead and give it a spin you can snag it for free on Google Play.

7. Distortionist

You know those pictures with people that have big ol’ googley eyes or mouths that are way too large? Well the Distortionist from voosklmart735 will let you do all that and more. You can bend, pinch, twirl and swirl your face in many zany ways then send it off to your friends and loved ones. It’s not just for faces either, as you can distort virtually anything and it’s a blast to break out with your friends. You can check out the Distortinoist for free on Google Play.

8. magicJack

If you own a TV and stay up late you’ve probably seen the commercials for magicJack. This week they released the official magicJack app for Android which lets you make free calls to U.S. & Canadian phone numbers as long as you’ve got WiFi or a data connection on your phone. The app itself is free, and you can even give the service a free run if you’ve been itching to try it out.

9. Chestburster

There are quite a few android apps that use Augmented Reality, but none do it quite like Chestburster does. Remember the infamous scene in Aliens? Chestburster lets you hatch your own baby alien right from your belly without the mess and without dying. There’s a shirt you can buy to get the full effect, but you can still use the app sans shirt with no problem. It’s a must have app if you’re a fan of Aliens, and you can pick it up for free.

10. Flashlight Mini

There are hundreds of Flashlight apps out there, and you can now add another to that list with Flashlight Mini from Suprax Technology. Flashlight Mini does as advertised, but the thing that made it stand out to me was ease of use. It uses your phones LED for the light and you can switch between a solid beam or timed strobes by sliding your finger across the dial. No fancy colors or weird effects, the app is very straightforward (free) and works like a charm.

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