The Top New Android Apps of the Week – February 10, 2013

1. Carbon for Twitter

If you’re addicted to Twitter you already know the official client isn’t all that snazzy. Carbon for Twitter brings a bit of classiness to the world of Twitter clients and it’s packed full of cool features to boot. It’s been my preferred client since it was released and I look forward to seeing what the developers add in the future. Dots & Lines Carbon for Twitter is free to download on Google Play.

2. Tiny Phone People

If you’re looking for a “different” kind of Live Wallpaper look no further than Tiny Phone People from Thumbstar Games. This LWP lets you watch the lives of tiny little people in their cottage in the sky. Needless to say, its way more interesting than watching bubbles float about. No demo is available at this time, but you can get the full version of Tiny Phone People for $1.29.

3. Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere

Swapps! is a new app that helps you get to your favorite apps with ease. With a simple swipe you can access panels that contain your recently used and starred apps along with your full app drawer. It’s about as simple as it gets and it’s free to download on Google Play.

4. SureFire Alarm Clock

The SureFire Alarm Clock is a slick looking clock that will wake you up in style. It comes several different types of alarms and has a slew of settings to tweak, but the coolest part is the “wake up challenges” that make sure you’re awake so you’ll never be late. There’s a free version of SureFire Alarm Clock you can check out while the full version will on set you back a buck.

5. FingerFace

FingerFace may be the silliest Android app on our list, but it’s the funnest by far. It lets you create finger characters with all kinds of wacky decorations including hairstyles, clothing, and mustaches. I was actually amazed at the amount of decorations it has as it’s got around 300 faces, 140 hairstyles, and 100 pieces of clothing. You can pick up GMY Studios FingerFace for free on Google Play.

6. Network Speed (Beta)

There are plenty of tools to check data usage, but how about your speed? Veloxity Inc.’s Network Speed displays the data speed of active applications and gives you a way to measure your networks quality. You can check data usage per app or network and there’s even a handy widget for your homescreen. It’s still in Beta so you may hit a few snags, but it worked well on my S3 and it’s free to download.

7. System Info Droid

If you’re curious about what goes on beneath the screen of your phone System Info Droid from Valenbyte is an app that can help you out. This handy little app gives you information on your processor, graphics processing unit, display, sensors, and temperature along with a slew of other parameters. It works great and it’s free to download.

8. Unlock Your Brain

Unlock your brain is a new kind of brain training app that hits you with a dose of math every time you turn on your phone. Each time you unlock your phone a new equation appears based on your skill level; if you use your phone a lot you’re definitely going to give the brain a bit of a workout. If you want to give it a go you can pick up Unlock Your Brain on Google Play.

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