The Top New Android Apps of the Week – March 24, 2013

top new android apps

1. Google Keepgoogle.keep

Google finally put out their note taking app this past week, and it quickly became a lock for the top spot in our list of the  Top Android Apps of the Week. Google Keep lets you keep track of your thoughts through notes, lists, and pictures; you can even have voice notes transcribed for you automatically. It’s simple to use, streamlined for Android (it is Google after all), and it’s an Android app you’ll definitely want to look into. Watch out Evernote… Google Keep is free to download on Google Play.

2. Chameleon Launcherchameleon.launcher

The Chameleon Launcher for phones finally hit Google Play, and it’s definitely one of the slickest home screen replacement apps around. Chameleon lets you change up the look of your phone and it’s full of cool widgets for a fully customized feel. The reviews are mixed so far, but you can pick up it for $2.91 if you want to give it a shot.

3. Intelligent Ringerintellegent.ringer

If you’re like me you are always fiddling with the volume volume trying to find the right setting. Intelligent Ringer combats that by adjusting your ringer volume based on the ambient noise level in your setting. It can even sense whether the phone is in or out of your pocket and it respects the authori of silent mode so it won’t fool with your settings if you want to keep things quiet. You can check out Kris’ App Manufacture’s Intelligent Ringer for free on Google Play.

4. Buzz Launcher Betabuzz.launcher.beta

Buzz is the second launcher to make our list this week, and it’s quite different from the rest of the bunch. It works in conjunction with something called the Homepack Buzz Service to provide you with hundreds of homescreens which means you’ll always have a fresh look. You can also share your homesceens with the world or customize widgets with the Buzz Custom Widget app. It’s currently in Beta, but its free to download if you want to give it a look.

5. Mocking Palmocking.pal

If you’ve ever needed to make a quick wireframe or mockup of a site on the go Mocking Pal may be the thing for you. The app allows you to create wireframes and share them with your colleagues so you can get a little feedback when you’re short on time. It’s simple to use, and free to download if you want to check it out.

6. Caller Name

The name says it all with this one. Sometimes it can be a pain to dig for your phone when you get a call, and Caller Name Announcer takes care of that issue by announcing the name of the incoming caller. The name does have to be in your contact database; otherwise you’ll just get the incoming number announcing. Cool little app and it’s free to download.

7. WifiPass – Easy WiFi Sharingwifi.pass

If you have to keep an eye on your mobile data, you probably try to use WiFi everywhere you go. WifiPass can make your life a lot easier as it lets you collect and store your friends WiFi networks so you can connect quickly when you’re on the go. Networks can be kept private, shared with friends or even saved to the cloud so you’ll always have access to all your networks. Wifi Pass works like a charm, and it’s free to download on Google Play.

8. Show Me Your

Outfit7 is well known for their talking animal applications, but they’ve gone a different route for their newest Android app called Show Me Your Tongue. As the name implies, you’ll take pictures of your tongue and send them out across the world… you’ll even get 5 random tongue pictures back for everyone one you send. Needless to say, I haven’t tried this one out, but it’s already amassed a slew of downloads and it’s free if you want to give it a go.

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