The Top New Android Games of the Week – January 28, 2013

This weeks edition of Top New Android games of the Week includes a little something for everyone. From a slick new hack n’ slash game to jungle running, we’ve got you covered. Sit back, relax, and enjoy our picks for the best new Android games of the past week.

1. Bounce

Magma Mobile’s Bounce bounced onto Google Play last week and it quickly become a personal favorite of mine. Creativity is the key to Bounce as you will get some levels to bounce through, but the real fun comes into play when you take on community levels and start building your own. The level editor is a breeze to use, and you can even design your own bouncy character to play with. You can read our full review of Bounce here or you can head on over to Google Play and pick it up for free.

2. Temple Run 2

Not a whole lot to say on this one except that it’s great and it’s the follow-up to one of the most popular mobile games around. Temple Run 2 plops picks up where the first one left off as you’re right back to running, jumping, and sliding your way through dangerous envoirnments. It’s fun and it’s free to download on Google Play.

3. Epic Swords

If you’re looking to have some hack n’ slash fun look no further than Epic Swords from Lootworks. The game drops you into a medieval setting where you’ll use swipe-based combat to take down your enemies. That’s just the gist of it, and you’ll be able to get the full scoop in our review later in the week. You can check out Epic Swords for free on Google Play, just be warned you’re gonna’ have a hard time putting it down.

4. Humm Together

If you dig social games Above the Cloud’s Humm Together is just the thing for you. It’s a musical guessing game of sorts, but instead of singing you’ll get have to humm or sound the song out using other interesting noises. You can read more about Humm Together here or you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

5. Call of Mini: Brawlers

The zombies are back and it’s up to your blocky little hero to stop them. Call of Mini Brawlers is a side scrolling zombie shootem’ up that lets you take on relentless zombie hordes in fast-paced bloody combat. If you’re a fan of the Call of Mini games or Zombies in general you’ll want to pick this one up. Triniti Interactive’s Call of Mini Brawlers is free to download on Google Play.

6. Cracking Sands

Polarbit dropped a new racing game last week by the name of Cracking Sands. This slick looking racer is all about beating your opponents to the finish line by any means possible including blowing them to pieces.  I haven’t played this one yet, but it looks good and has online multiplayer which is never a bad thing. You can pick up Cracking Sands for $4.99 on Google Play.

7. Super Forest Squad

Super Forest Squad is a game about baking and smashing robots. You’ll dig through dirt to smash up robots and you can use your hard earned money to bake food. The food’s worth more when you eat it, just watch out for the glowing black tanks! The game makes absolutely no sense, but it’s oddly entertaining and pretty addictive to boot. You can pick up Avacado Overboard’s Super Forest Squad for free on Google Play.

8. Super Knights

Chillingo’s Super Knights is the tale of a swinging medieval knight and a whole lotta’ chickens. It’s an insanely addictive jewel collecting game that’s weird, but a lot of fun. This one would have been ranked higher, but we had to bump it down due to a “death glitch” of sorts that a lot of people have experienced. Why’s it still on the list? Because it’s that good and Chillingo should address the issue shortly… it’s still totally playable, you’re just going to have a hard time with things right around level 5. Chillingo’s Super Knights is free to download.

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