The Top Skyrim Apps for Android

Normally I try to stay in the realm of Android, but as a Ps3 guy occasionally I can bridge the gap between the two devices. Such is the case with a little game called you may have heard of called Skyrim. With a game this popular there are bound to be some apps, and we thought it would be fun to go through market and pick out the best. We found 3 apps that can really help you out in the game and threw in two more just because they’re cool. Without further ado, here are our Top Skyrim apps for Android…

1. Skyrim – The Complete Guide

If you want to know all there is to know about Skyrim look no further than Skyrim – The Complete Guide from UGW and This app is loaded with information about walkthroughs, side quests, food recipes, trainers, dragon shouts, and even Vampires. There are several tips and tricks included as well and information is constantly being added to the app. It really has damn near everything you would want to know about the game, and it’s a real deal at only $0.99 cents.

2. Skyrim Crafter

Skyrim crafter helps gamers get help with Alchemy and Smithing and shows them how to make the most money doing those tasks. The app will show you information about the items and effects used in crafting, alchemy, and smithing while also showing you their worth, weight and descriptions. Skyrim Crafter comes in a full free version, but also has a “Pro” version for $1.09 that adds a few more features.

3. Alchemy Helper

A good fantasy game is always made better through the use of potions or alchemy and Skyrim is no different. The game has a slew of potions and the Alchemy Helper from JVB can help you figure out which ingredients have certain effects. This is a very handy app to have on hand if you’re in the Alchemy Lab trying to get your brew on. There is a trial version of the app that will expire after a set amount of time while the full version has no ads and unlimited functionality for $1.29

4. Skyrim Community

The Skyrim Community app from Embarkr lets gamers connect with each other to discuss the game in real time. The app let’s you make a profile, follow members, gain points/badges and most importantly chat. It’s a great app if you’re into Skyrim, and the community is very cool as well. You can grab the Skyrim Community app for free in the market.

5. Skyrim Shouts Soundboard

The Skyrim Shouts Soundboard lets you impress your friends and coworkers with all your favorite shouts from the Elder Scrolls Skyrim game. The app includeds 79 different sound clips which can be set as ringtones, notifications or alarms. It’s simple to use and also features cool ringtone mixer that lets you save multiple clips into a single file. You can pick up the Skyrim Shouts Soundboard from Modulus in the Android market for free.

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