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The Transformers Battle their way on to Android

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DeNa and Hasbro have signed a three year deal together, allowing DeNa to release Transformer themed games through its social gaming network developer, Mobage. DeNa are the publishers behind the highly popular virtual card game Rage of Bahamut. The first Transformer themed game to be published by DeNA will also be a virtual card game which will be available on the Android platform. In the game, you will be collecting over 200 cards featuring various Transformers of both Decepticons and Autobots in order to create an army of elite fighting Transformers for use in the game. There are two different exciting campaign modes where players can choose which side they will play as – one side of the campaign lets players choose to control the Autobots, where you will be defending the Earth and defeating the Decepticons. The other side of the campaign allows you to play as Decepticons, where by as well as trying to destroy [the ‘hero’ of the Transformers series] Optimus Prime’s army of Autobots, you will also be mining the Earth for supplies of energon. The game also features a PvP element, where you can pitch your Autobots against the evil Decepticons. Which ever side you choose to play as in Transformers Battle, there will be a three on three battle within which you can increase your chance of winning each battle by using the cards you have collected whilst playing the game.


Transformers Battle is slated for a release later this year, sometime in the Fall, on Google Play for Android, although an exact release date is yet to be announced by the game publisher. Likewise any pricing information regarding Transformers Battle is also unknown at this present time but, news on this and an exact release date will hopefully be released soon by DeNa.