The WWE’s Rockpocalypse brings The People's Champ to Google Play

Rockpocalypse-Android The greatest man in the world of Sports Entertainment got an Android App yesterday and it wasn’t an April fool’s joke. Rockpocalypse is a new Android game from the WWE and it’s all about The Rock putting a beat down on scores of evil Jabroni’s.rockpocalypse-1 Rockpocalypse takes place at Studio 51 in Hollywood where The Rock is on the set of his latest Action flick. Needless to say, something goes terribly wrong and all the folks on the studio lot start changing into infected violent beasts. Anyone who’s a fan of The Rock knows this only means one thing… the People’s Champ is fixing to slap some sense into their crazy Roody-Poo candy asses. Rockpocalypse is a beat em’ up game in the truest sense of the word; all your attacks are swipe-based and you can even slam people every now and again. You’ll also be able to upgrade The Rocks combat skills (not that he needs it) and deck him out in new gear to improve his stats as you progress through the game. In case you couldn’t tell I’m an old-school WWF fan, and yes I said WWF not WWE. The years that brought us Stone Cold and The Rock were awesome and while I don’t think the WWE will ever reach those heights again, it’s very cool to see a game involving The Rock. Is the game any good? That remains to be seen, but as a fan I can appreciate Rockpocalypse for what it is and I’m going to have a blast putting the smack down on every Jabroni I see. Full review coming next week, until then I highly suggest checking this one out if you’re a wrestling fanatic or a fan of The Rock.


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