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There is a Samsung Galaxy Camera too!

by On

Ever wanted to use you camera to upload pictures instantly? Or edit the freshly captured snaps on the go? Maybe you were feeling snazzy wanted to watch a movie on your camera? Behold the latest camera from the house of Samsung. The Galaxy branded camera as you might have guessed is an android powered beast of a compact camera. This was announced along with the Note II, but the news was quickly overshadowed by the smartphone. Essentially an S3 with a compact camera attached, the Galaxy camera delivers what it promises. The 16 megapixel CMOS sensor has 21x optical zoom. Bu that is not what is the attractive thing about the device; it’s the 4.8 inch Super HD Clear LCD touchscreen. The screen covers the back of the camera almost completely and is super amazing to look at. This makes the Galaxy camera a bit on the bulkier side. But the smartly designed compact camera while not the most “compact” one still manages to feel great in hands. The screen is responsive and the interface is intuitive. While Nikon has beaten Samsung to the Android powered compact camera race, its Coolpix S800C runs at Android 2.3.3 whereas the Galaxy runs the almost latest 4.1 version of the popular OS. The edge to edge 4.8 inch screen with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels and 308 ppi makes the Galaxy camera a sight to behold. The internals (the Galaxy side) include a 1.4 Quad-core processer with Wifi and 3G and 4g support. There is an obligatory microSD card option along with it is the SIM slot. The Galaxy camera is powered by a 1650 mAh battery, which is sufficient enough to provide almost 7 hours of life according to Samsung. The little chunky Galaxy camera has a standard ½.22- inch BSI CMOS sensor which delivers 16- megapixel photos. The lens is a 21x optical zoom. f/2.8-5.9, 23-480mm. Not top of the line but will deliver exceptional results. The camera is mostly controlled via the large responsive touch screen panel but there are a few physical buttons too. The picture snap button with autofocus is sitting beside the zoom rockers; there is also a power button. The flash is pop up in nature and quite frankly looks really nice. As it is running the Android OS you can be sure to have access to all of the social networks instantly. Also some really impressive image manipulation applications will also come pre-installed with the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The standard fare like Instagram will also be fully compatible with the camera; furthermore if you are feeling a bit adventurous while on an adventure you can always play Angry Birds on it. The camera is said to be around 630$ we will update the prices as well as carriers when it is officially launched.