They say it’s the Chinese Galaxy S IV

Gather around folks, we have freshly baked Samsung Galaxy S IV rumors right here. Today we have images which are allegedly from the Chinese variant of the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Thursday seems so far with the constant downpour of spicy rumors. The Chinese forum 53Samsung posted images of what it claims to be the dial SIM version of Samsung Galaxy S IV. The images show a device which is dangerously close to the Samsung Galaxy S III, hence our understandable hesitation in believing them. The smartphone carries the model number GT-i9502 and we are convinced that this is some Chinese wizardry and not the original Samsung Galaxy S IV. Like we all know, Samsung is prone to make several versions of its flagship smartphone, so there is a chance that the device shown in the pictures is legitimately Samsung Galaxy S IV. The front of the “Chinese” Samsung Galaxy S IV seems to be taken straight from the Samsung Galaxy S III. The sensors are elevated near the earphone and the bezel is ever so thinner. The back however is a little different. The flash has been moved directly below the camera sensor while the speaker is dropped down the bottom. Other rumors suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S IV will be packing an Exynos 5410 (Exynos Octa) CPU which will clock at 1.8 GHz. 2 GB RAM is almost a must and so is the full HD 1080p display. We have already seen a little bit of the latest TouchWiz user interface in previous leaks and we are hopeful that Samsung will once again try to renovate the smartphone world. None the less the original smartphone is going to be unveiled in just a couple of days and we will be there to check the latest flagship smartphone from the Korean manufacturer. Source –

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