Thirty years later: Sega Announces Zaxxon Sequel

Way back in 1982 Sega released an arcade classic space shoot em up by the name of Zaxxon. Zoom forward to present day 2012 and despite many of the new generation of gamers perhaps never having heard of the game, Sega have just released a trailer for and have announced the pending arrival of the second Zaxxon game in the series entitled Zaxxon Escape which will appear on the Android platform. Thirty years after the first game was released into the arcade gaming world and Zaxxon is back with an updated 3D space flight make over to its original isometric styling. The original Zaxxon was so popular ‘back in the day’ that the game was eventually ported to a whole host of [now] classic gaming systems including the Atari 2600, ZX Spectrum, Amiga, Commodore 64, ColecoVision and even on to the Sega Master System in a 3D port version. Moving on to the Android version of the Zaxxon sequel to come however, we still hope to see that the games original all round space blasting kind of fun remains intact alongside some pretty funky up to date graphics. Sega should have made this sequel sooner perhaps but, as with many good things, it’s better late than never. The only firm details that Sega have revealed so far about Zaxxon Escape however, are to be found in the teaser trailer that they have released. There is no firm game play information on the game although, a couple of screenshots that have appeared show a potential in game monetary system, an ‘auto pilot’ feature and a cloaking device power up. As expected at this stage of announcement from Sega, no details have been released regarding exactly when the Zaxxon sequel will eventually arrive. The so often seen ‘coming soon’ notice is all we have on that front although, Sega have at least twisted this a little by changing the phrase to “escaping soon”.

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