For experienced and novice Android users, it is sometimes important to know how well a smartphone can be hacked/modded, since doing so can extend the life of a smartphone.  Samsung has launched the Galaxy S III with varying degrees of success across Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T.  The good news here is that developers have already managed to root each model.  Now rooting does void the manufacturer warranty, but if done safely, it poses no real danger to your device. Rooting is the first critical step in installing custom ROMs.  Now that each device has been rooted successfully, I suspect famous developers will now begin to build ICS builds for the device.  If you click through the XDA links below, you will find appropriate and accurate instructions on how to root your Galaxy S III. As always proceed with caution, and if you do install custom ROMs on your device, be sure to thank your developer. [AT&T Root] [Sprint Root] [T-Mobile Root]

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