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Three Monkeys releases Quirky Platformer HolySheep for Android

by On

There’s an Android game for about any animal you can think of and Sheep are no exception. The newest Sheep based game is a little gem called HolySheep from Three Monkeys, and if you like your games with a dash of quirky this one’s just for you… You actually start off playing HolySheep as a newly dead sheep that’s just been served up for supper. As he was a kind and generous sheep he was let through the gates of Heaven, and just in time for God’s dinner party to welcome all the newly deceased into Heaven. Your job is to help HolySheep get to the party on time, as he’s pretty hungry and nobody wants to keep God waiting. HolySheep is a platform game, but it’s a platformer with a bit of a twist that makes the game difficult and fun at the same time. As with any good game of this nature there are several different types of Sheep to unlock along with several different items and upgrades.

HolySheep made me say holy shit after firing up the game and attempting to make my way through the world. I’m generally pretty good at jumping game, but you’re not really jumping in this one so it does take a bit of getting used to. Once you get the hang of things it’s good fun, and the setting/premise is very interesting as well. There’s a free version of the game you can check out while the full version of HolySheep will just set you back a buck. Both version of Three Monkeys HolySheep are available to download on Google Play.