Three Smart Strategies for Designating Roles Within Your Tech Company

If you’re sick and tired of wearing dozens of different hats in regard to your business roles, you aren’t alone.


Unfortunately, jugging multiple roles has become an expectation of modern businesses looking to operate swiftly and keep costs down. Double-dipping duties seems like a no-brainer, right? However, consider the pitfalls of giving your team too much to do such as:


  • Important aspects of your operations or marketing fall to the wayside because it’s all being delegated to one individual (think: content marketing or social media)
  • Wasted time as you try to fit a round peg in a square hole in terms of roles (for example, you may have someone on your team that’s awesome at graphic design or copy, but you have no idea because you never asked)
  • High turnover rates as your team members are unhappy with their roles and don’t feel that their strengths are being utilized on the job


Rather than let your company crumble from the inside out, consider instead how you can designate and delegate the many roles within your company. By taking the time to figure out how to communicate who’s assigned to any given task, you’re much more poised to get down to business and create a company culture capable of long-term survival.


Streamline Your Project Management

You can’t possibly take control of your company roles without knowing who’s in charge of what. If you have no project management strategy in place or you haven’t given much thought to your company’s internal processes, it’s more than likely time for a change.


By having some of your team members go through ITIL training, you can stop playing guessing games in regard to project management and IT infrastructure and instead start getting down to business. After all, accountability is essential to building a successful team: only by knowing your weakest points internally can you hope to improve as a company.


Play to their Strengths

How do you know when it’s time to reassess roles within your company and start reassigning them accordingly?


For starters, break down your team department by department and determine what their day-to-day tasks and long-term projects look like. You may quickly find that you hired some all-purpose marketers who would thrive better as copywriters or be better poised as part of your SEO team. Strive to get the input of your team to see if they’re okay with being shuffled and understand that you’re looking to make their lives easier while also helping your business grow.


Keep the Lines of Communication Open

That being said, you should also ensure that your teams respective teams don’t represent islands. While your marketing crew and IT department may not cross paths very often, that doesn’t mean that they should be completed isolated from one another. Be open to the ideas of others and encourage a collaborative company culture that respects the input of everyone.


Sure, delegating roles should be a seemingly simple task; however, the past few years have shown that today’s new hires are capable of wearing multiple hats. Instead of trying to force what isn’t working internally, be open-minded and willing to shift your team around in an effort to build the strongest team possible.









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