Tim Cook not worried about Android’s market share, says Apple still makes the best devices

Tim Cook

If you’ve ever wanted to hear Apple CEO Tim Cook’s thoughts on the fact that the combined effort of all the players in the Android market is practically showing the iPhone and iPad out the door, well, now’s your chance. Cook recently sat down with Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal for D11 at All Things D, and it is here that he goes on record to say that Apple does not feel threatened at all by Android’s growing market share.

To be more specific, Cook said that Apple has never viewed winning as “about making the most” of anything — never mind, of course, the fact that Apple celebrates selling millions upon millions of its iPhones and iPads each month. His thoughts are that despite not outselling everyone, they’re still the ones making the best devices out right now, anyway.

When asked what he thought of the fact that Android seems to have fully overtaken Apple in terms of sales, Cook had this to say:

Arguably, we make the best PC; we don’t make the most. We make the best music player; we wound up making the most. We make the best tablet, we make the best phone… we’re not making the most phones. [But] there are several things to assess the health of what you’re doing.”

According to Cook, there are other factors to consider such as usage stats — what customers are doing with their devices — as well as the level of overall customer satisfaction. He then proudly stated that iPhone and iPad users browse more on their devices, plus on the iPad alone, there are “twice as many e-commerce transactions than all Android devices combined.”

Perhaps he’s right, but as Mossberg rightly kept pointing out, there’s no denying that Android is now pretty much everywhere. At least everywhere that iPhone and iPad are, and then some. What does Apple have to say about that?

As Cook sees it, some of these so-called smart devices, which are said to contribute to Android’s ever growing market share, might not even be actual smart devices at all. Some of them might be, according to Cook, “phones that are featurephones, [but] labeled smartphones.” And in a way, he might be right.

But still, there has been a steady stream of all kinds of Android-powered devices, and after a few years, it’s easy to see that Apple can now barely keep up with the competition. Last year, it was revealed that the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs had planned to “go thermonuclear” on Android as a whole, but now it looks like that exact same strategy has been used on Apple instead.

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