TomTom guides its way to Android

There may already be a plethora of navigation apps available for use on Android devices such as Co-Pilot, Garmin and of course Google’s own map and navigation system, for example. TomTom, one of the leaders in navigational equipment generally however, are now at last also ready to jump aboard the Android bandwagon and will be releasing their own Android App in a couple of months time. The TomTom Android App is due to be shown off at the IFA conference this week and as well as guiding us to our destinations, it’s set to bring us many features that we’ve come to expect from TomTom. As well as a new map interface for viewing the on board maps, there is intelligent routing, traffic redirection, updated routes and of course speed camera alerts. I know a fair few people whose biggest annoyance with their chosen Android navigation app is the lack of speed camera alerts with their current navigation software, so this feature is sure to be a welcome addition to a navigation app on Google Play. There is also an option of viewing your route in 2D or 3D and TomTom will speak out the street names on your route. Perhaps one of the most useful features is advanced lane guidance. If you’re somewhere new, knowing which exit to take is one thing but, knowing which lane to be in to take that exit is a God send and saves the all too famous “re-routing” phrase. TomTom is due to be released into the Android world this coming October but, as of yet there’s no word on how much the app will cost. Many of the above mentioned features will come as standard but, speed camera alerts will need to be purchased as an in-app purchase, as will the HD traffic feature.

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