Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – April 29, 2011

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1. Google Docs

This week Google finally got around to putting an Android App out for it’s popular Google Docs service. With the Google Docs App you can edit and view your docs, pdf’s, and images. You can  also upload & convert your files into Google Docs format as well. If you use Google Docs, you will want to grab this app. It works great, and you can get it in the Market for free.

2. Age of Wind 2 Demo

Age of Wind 2 is a cool little sailing game from Galapagos. Your in charge of a ship, and your job will be to sail around the globe battling pirates, trading goods, and searching for treasure of course!  As the game progresses you’ll be able to upgrade your ships armor, cannons and sails. If you don’t like your ship at all, you can just sell it and buy a new one when you have enough money. The graphics look great, and the gameplay is smooth…sort of. It takes a minute to get used to controls, and they could use some adjusting. Overall its a very cool, new game, and worthy of a look.  Age of Wind 2 has the demo available , as well as a paid version.

3.  Rays of Light LWP

If your a fan of’s wall papers, your probably going to like this one. These guys continue to put out the best live wall papers around, hands down. The colors look great, and the animations are smooth. Not much else to say, except that it’s free & it rocks!

4. Block Rogue

Buzz Monkey Software has just released a fun, new puzzle game into the Market called “Block Rogue.” In this puzzling game you’ll encounter a different puzzle within each room.  The challenges are randomly generated, which gives you a lot of replay value. It’s not all about pushing blocks either; in some rooms you’ll have do deal with levers, roller-balls, and ever an occasional Death Ray! You can get Block Rogue in the Market for free.

5. Bubbles 2 HD

Bubbles 2 HD is your typical bubble game with a twist. You’ll clear the bubbles by tapping on like colors, but its not quite that easy.  That twist we mentioned includes Nuclear Bombs, Ice Bars, and The Shake Rule. If your a fan of bubble/match type games, you’ll enjoy Bubbles 2 HD from Reverie.

6. Xeno Tactic II Lite

A lot of folks love tower defense games, and Xeno Tactic II brings a sci-fi element to the table with theirs.  The game has some nice graphics & sound effects, along with an 9 upgradable tower types, and 5 levels of difficulty. In the free version you’ll get 4 maps; the paid version will give you 4 more maps and endless mode.

7. CoreDroid Wallpapers

If you like cool looking wallpapers, your going to love this pack just released by the CoreDroid team. For the low price of .99 cents, you will get a whopping 90 wallpapers to choose from. Yes, I said 90! They all look pretty damned cool too, which is always a plus. Great value for the price, and they install to your native wallpaper selection menu.

8. Location Cache

Location Cache is a great Android App from remydemy. You’ll have to be rooted, but this app will allow you to view your location cache, showing exactly where you’ve been. With all the privacy concerns popping up lately with location tracking, this is a good app to get. It also lets you delete the cache which is a huge plus.

9. Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals

Famous chef Jamie Oliver has finally brought his popular 20 minute meals program to Android. This app will let you cook 60 different meals, all in under 20 minutes. There are videos & a shopping list features included as well. It is a large program and will take up around 110 MB of storage space. It’s not a free app, but it is on sale at 40% for a very limited time.

10. iRunner

Last but not least, is a cool new game called iRunner. It’s a running game where you’ll need to avoid obsticles, and collect batteries all while keeping up the pace. It’s got some unique graphics, and will keep you busy for awhile. You can get iRunner for free in the Android market.

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