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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – April 8th, 2011

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1. 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011

There aren’t a lot of baseball games in the Market, especially good ones. That changes with the release of 9 innings: Pro Baseball 2011from developer, Com2US. This game uses real players, with their real stats and has around 800 player profiles.  You’ll get three modes of play including League, Exhibition and Homerun mode. They have added a twist with the addition of the “Card Shop,” which lets you add additional players to your team. It’s definitely a game worth checking out, and its free in the Market.

2. Kaptilo

Kaptilo is a quirky little puzzle game where you guide a robot through a series of mazes. There are four different characters; each will affect the puzzle differently. Kaptilo’s graphics look great and there are over 40 levels to choose from. Honestly, it looks like a very fun new game, but there is not a free version available at this time.

3. Pro HDR Camera

This is one of the first real HDR apps for Android. There are a few different setting to help you take amazing pictures, such as automatic mode, and assisted manual mode. It will also process your HDR images in the background, so you can keep on shooting. I tested this one out, and it worked great on my phone. The pictures came out great, and I had no issues. Keep in mind; you do have to run Android 2.2 or later for this app to work, and there is no free version available at this time.

4. Reverstris Lite

Fun little puzzle game, where you need to dismantle the boards into basic figures (Tetrominoes) to clear the screen. You have to react quickly, as your playing against “The Phantom Player” who is putting new pieces on the board as you play. It also has an online highscore list, to check your skills against your friends.

5. Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard is a brand new keyboard from the GO Dev Team. The program can predict in multiple languages, and has several different keyboard layouts. You can Import all your contacts and previous SMS’s as well. If you’d like an alternative keyboard, you can grab it for free.

6. LinkedIn

If your familiar with the popular LinkedIn site, they now have an app on the Market. This app will let you look up the details and connect with over 100 million professionals worldwide. A lot of people have been waiting for this, and now it’s available  in the Market for free. If you need some more information on this app, you can check out our review

7. Manic Mechanics Lite

Manic Mechanics is a physics-based game with fun and challenging puzzles. You will take various physical objects to construct a contraption, that will help you achieve your goals .Hit the big red button to give it life and put your construction skills to the test. There is a lite and paid version available for you to check out.

8. Droid Invasion

In Droid Invasion, you score points and advance levels by clicking on groups of Droids. The bigger the group the more points you gain. When the Droids get to the top of the screen the game is over. Getting to the next level will save you from impending doom but don’t relax, the Droids will be coming faster too. The addictive gameplay will keep you entertained, and you can pick it up for 1.99 in the Market.

9. PowerAMP Standard Widget Pack

Great set of Widgets for users of the popular PowerAMP music player. Quite a few to choose from, they are free & look great!

10. Glass Match Blast

Glass Match Blast is a classic match game with thousands of levels from Feelingtouch Inc. You’ll need to click blocks in same colors to clear them out. Click the stars to switch colors & find the one that best matches blocks around it then clear them. You can also use the hammer if you want to eliminate just one block.

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