Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – August 12, 2011

Time again for the Top 10 Android Apps of the week.

1. Greedy Spiders

Greedy Spiders is a great new game from Blyts mobile that puts you to work saving your bugs from some very greedy spiders. These spiders are hungry, and you’ll have to prevent them from reaching your little bugs by using decoys or through cutting and burning the webs. With lots of levels and smooth gameplay, Greedy Spiders is a game you won’t be putting down for awhile … Read our Review

2. Ruffled: Feathers Rising

Ruffled: Feathers Rising is a game where you, well poop on people.  The 3D environment is well done, though the controls can be hard to master.  You have to drag up to go down and down to go up.  This may be the way you steer a plane, but it is not intuitive on this interface.  There is a free and paid version.

3. iPan: Flip Master

iPan: Flip Master is a killer new game from Yehonatan Douek  that puts you to work flipping eggs. Yup, it’s an egg flipping game and be warned… it’s highly addictive. You’ll run across plenty of surprises as you try to become a Master egg flipper, and “try” is the keyword here as it does get challenging the farther you progress into the game.

4. Fantasy Football 2011

Manage your Fantasy Football teams on the go. The official 2011 Fantasy Football app lets you perform crucial fantasy tasks: • Join or create a league • Check live fantasy scoring • Sit/Start and Add/Drop players • Propose and accept trades • Read up-to-the minute player news • Manage teams in multiple leagues  

5. My Country

Develop your city, transport networks and industry. A game at a whole new scale! My Country is a game for serious city builders! Establish bus transit and take it to a new level of play. Develop your country.  

6. Shovel Heros

When I saw the name “Shovel Heroes” in the market, I knew it was a game about digging. What I didn’t know was how much fun it would turn out to be. Shovel Heroes is a new game from Progrestar that’s a new take on digging games, and it lets you do a lot more than just dig. The gameplay is top-notch and will definitely keep your attention as you search 80 different islands. Read our Review

7. The Ultimate Drive

The Ultimate Drive is the official social navigation application of BMW Financial Services for iPhone and other iOS devices. Designed for those who are passionate about driving, The Ultimate Drive will help you discover and trade the best roads as found and rated by other drivers all over the world.

8. Rush Down

Rush Down is a doodle style falling down game with intuitive game rule. Your ultra mission to reach the deepest place of stick man’s world! Tilt your phone now, and rush down to see how deep that you will reach! Don’t forget to submit your score to rock global 24 hour hot leaderboard!

9. Taboo

Taboo – A social game to play with your friends in parties! The cool social party card game taboo is now available for you on android. You can play this game with your friends. No more the need to carry a deck of cards, writing score and keep track of the time. All is nicely build inside this game.  

10. TeamSpeak for Andriod BETA

This is an official app from the makers of TeamSpeak voice chat software. TeamSpeak software enables groups of people to speak with one another over any platform or operating system. For over 10 years TeamSpeak has become among the preferred voice chat solutions for online gamers, friends and family, and small businesses world-wide. Most TeamSpeak users typically connect to their guild or clan’s TeamSpeak server to chat with fellow team mates, discuss strategy in real-time, or facilitate online events. With this app and TeamSpeak’s cross-platform design you can connect to any TeamSpeak server running on Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems and chat with users running the TeamSpeak client on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android. TeamSpeak for Android is optimized to enhance your mobile device experience and keeps you connected with your peers while you’re on-the-go.

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