Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – August 19, 2011

1. Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips

Airport Mania 2: Wild Trips is the sequel to the popular game Airport Mania that came out in 09′. This rendition has new all new locations along with 9 Airports and 40 different achievements to unlock. You’ll encounter all new aircraft and the 79 levels of fun Wild Trips brings to the table guarantees you’ll be playing this for awhile. If you enjoyed the first one, you’ll definitely love this one. No free version at the moment, but the paid version can be had for the low price of $1.43.

2. Pot Smash Free

This one technically came out last week, but I missed it so here ya go. Pot smash is a great little time killer from MiniMega that let’s you smash up several different kinds of pots. It has 4 different modes of play including the never ending Zen Smash. All the game modes highly differ from each other, and it can get pretty addicting. I’ve killed several hours in “Typing” mode trying to better my score. It’s free for now, so pick it up while you can.

3. Toss the Ball

Toss the Ball is a new Carnival style ball chucking game from Namco. You’ll get to toss balls on 5 different colorful levels, and can play against 5 of your friends through local WiFi or Bluetooth. This game definitely has a lot of options as well with 4 different game modes, 12 different balls, and 11 different powerups. All the unlockable balls have their own special abilities and powerups like Magnetism add another dimension to your gameplay. You can get Toss the Ball for free in the Android market.

4. Paper Camera

People seem to love adding filters and effects to their photos after they’ve snapped them on their phone. Well, there’s a new way to do all that with a little app called Paper Camera from JFDP Labs. This app that let’s you see your photo “effects” in real time through the lens instead of adding them in after you’ve already taken the shot. There are several cool effects like bleaching, sketch up, and neon cola. It’s a very cool app, and I highly recommend you check it out. You can pick up the full version of Paper Camera in the market for $2.46.


5. Empire Story

Team lava has a lot of “Story” games, and they’ve added another this week with the release of Empire Story. Like other story games, this ones all about building but this time you’re doing it in Ancient times. There are over 60 different structures to build, and you’ll be able to build temples, structures, coliseums and more.You can also sell good, send buildings to your friends, and take snapshots of your empire. Pretty cool game, and it’s free to download in the Android market.

6. Puzzle Sphere

Puzzle Sphere is a puzzling new game from the Puzzle Brothers that will keep you busy for awhile. It has 5 different themes and 80 levels to unlock; it’s also a universal build which means you can get it once and run it on all your devices. You can pick up Puzzle Sphere for $1.14 in the Android market.

7. RDM +

RDM+ is a new Remote Desktop application from Shape Services makers of the popular IM+ app. RDM + allows you to take control of your home PC from your phone, ensuring that you can send emails, manage files or do anything you’d normally do on your desktop computer. The program is simple to use and supports a wide variety of OS’s including Mac OS X, Snow Leopard, XP, Vista, Win 7, Leopard, Win 2003 and more. There isn’t a trial version available at the moment, but you can check out the paid version for 9.99.

8. Skitch

Evernote put a new photo app into the market this week called Skitch. This little photo editor let’s you jot down notes, draw doodles or quickly add captions to your photos. Once you’re done with the doodles you can upload them to Facebook or Twitter with a few clicks which is great as everyone loves to show off their photos nowadays. Skitch is quick & easy to use, and best of all it’s free!

9. Backgrounds Box HD

Next up we have a new wallpaper app called Backgrounds Box HD. This app is pretty cool and has a lot to offer with around 30 different categories, sharing, searching, and cropping. It has a lot of nice looking HD wallpapers, and just by browsing through the app it seems that it will have a something for almost everyone. Backgrounds Box HD is free to download in the Android Market.

10. Mystery of the Crystal Portal

If you enjoy hidden-object games, you’ll like Mystery of the Crystal Portal from G5 Entertainment. This brain-bending puzzler has you traveling through 7 different locations as you take on 22 levels and Mini-Games. The Mystery of the Crystal Portal also has an interesting storyline that fits in nicely with the gameplay, and it’s a game that anyone in the family should be able to enjoy as well.  Mystery of the Crystal Portal is free to download from the market.

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