1. Flickitty

Flickitty is an interesting little game from developer Randall Schleufer which let’s you fling a cat around 5 different worlds. This ragdoll-physics game has some very impressive graphic, and it’s definitely an original game. Flickitty has 5 different regions with around 20 different missions; you’ll also receive some pretty cool hats for completing the missions. No free version is available, but the paid version can be had for .99 cents and is well worth the download.

2. Jelly Wars

If you enjoyed the classic game Worms, you’re sure to like Jelly Wars from Star Arcade. Jelly Wars pits you against a random online opponent to see who the best jelly slinger is. It’s a trajectory based shooter just like worms, and your goal is to finish off your opponent with exploding rounds of jelly before they can finish you. The graphics are very well done and colorful, and being to play online is a major plus. You can try out the free version of Jelly Wars or pick up the paid version for $1.49.  

3. Sprinkle

Sprinkle is an awesome new puzzler from Mediocre that puts you to work putting out fires. You’ll have to squirt water at fires to put them out, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. In some levels you’ll have to squirt/move blocks that are in the way while other levels will have you trying to get the water through small crevices. The more water you use, the less you’ll score and if you let a hut burn down it’s game over. The physics are great in Sprinkle, and it’s a “must get” for anyone that’s able to play it. It’s a Tegra game, but no fear… it does work with Chainfire3D for those of use without Tegra’s. Sprinkle can be had for the low price of $1.99, and I would highly recommend you check it out!

4. Dragon Hunter II

Developers FeelingTouch are back with the sequel to their popular game Dragon Hunter. If you didn’t play the first one Dragon Hunter II let’s you flick arrows at the incoming dragons for gold which you’ll use to upgrade your weapons and repair your fortress. Once it gets going the pace picks up pretty fast, so you’re going to be flinging a lot of arrows in this game. Dragon Hunter II is free to download from the market.

5. Talking Tom Cat 2

Tom the Talking cat is back in action with Talking Tom Cat 2. Tom has upgraded his digs in this version and is now living in a nice apartment. Don’t worry though, Tom still does all the things that made him famous. You can poke, pet, slap or pull on Tom’s tail to get a reaction and listen to him repeat your sayings back to you if his funny voice. This version is just as entertaining as the first, and a must have if you were a fan of the original Talking Tom Cat.

6. Penguin Rage

Penguin Rage is a balloon popping game in the vein of Angry Birds, except your a Penguin shooting Bananas instead of bird flinging themselves. The Penguin has a limited amount of shots to nail the the ballons, and there are 40 different levels to play through. The game has a lot of potential but it did seem to be a bit glitchy on my Captivate, that being said it may run just fine on your device. Penguin Rage is available to download in 4 different version all of which can be had in the market.

7. ESPN Fantasy Football

It’s about time for Football which means it’s time for the game we love to hate… Fantasy Football. ESPN put out their Fantasy Football App this week, and it has everything you need to help make your team a winner. You can start/bench players, propose trades, and pick up players off of waivers. You can also setup personalized Push notifications for your team regarding injuries, subs, and scoring updates. If you play ESPN’s fantasy football, this is one app that won’t leave your phone until the seasons finished. You can grab ESPN Fantasy Football for free in the Android market.

8. GoToMeeting

Ever needed to be at an important meeting, but you just can’t make it? If so, GoToMeeting might be just the thing for you. It let’s you attend meetings via your android phone no matter where you are as long as it’s a GoMeeting session. You’ll be able to view presentations, mockups, reports or anything that the presenter shares on-screen. You’ll also be connected through audio with your phone or tablets built-in mic and speakers. GoToMeeting is packed full of features, and it’s free to download in the market.

9. Expense IT

Expense It let’s you keep track of all your expenses while your on the go. It has multinational currency support, expense tracking with payment method, and allows you to manage different clients as well. You can track your payment methods with tags, notes, and pictures or receipts and even keep track of your mileage. Expense It will pretty much keep track of everything you need and would be excellent to have for the salesman on the road or anyone who does a lot of business related traveling.  

10. Free Locker

Free Locker is a cool new Lock Screen app from George Android. It has four default lock-screen buttons, but the cool part is the fact you can change the default apps to ones you’d prefer. Free Locker also shows a flashing starlight effect when your sliding which is a nice touch. It’s only visable if you have a dark background enabled, so keep that in mind if you decide to switch the background. Free Locker is free to download from the Android market.  

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