Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – August 5, 2011

1. Rocketron

This one came technically came out last week, but is so awesome it had to be put on this week’s list. Rocketron is a cool new game from Klobit that lets you travel through 30 colorful galaxies as a Planet. Yup, you get to play as a planet. It’s a fun platformer that looks great and gets very challenging as the levels progress. It’s available in free and paid versions, and we highly recommend you check it out!

2. Noogra Nuts

Noogra Nuts is a Nutty little game about a hard-headed squirrel that loves to crack nuts. As the nuts rain down from the heavens your squirrel will have to bust as many as possible within 120 seconds, and you’ll have to do it by using your head. It’s easy to play, and it’s a fun game that anyone in the family can enjoy. You can check out Noogra Nuts for free in the Market.

3. IKEA Catalogue

As a man, I hate to shop as most men do. There’s only one store my chick can drag me to where I actually enjoy looking around, and that store is IKEA. The funky retailer put out their 2012 IKEA catalogue on Android this week, and it would be an understatement to say I downloaded it quickly.  The catalogue includes around 4,000 pictures of 2,000 products and it’s easy to navigate using swipe gestures. If you find something you like, you can bookmark it or share the product on Facebook or Twitter. It’s a solid app and a must have for anyone who shops at IKEA.

4. Steven Seagull: Over Sea’ge

Steven Seagull Over Seage is a game that’s a “Winner” to me just for the name alone. It’s exactly what you think it’s about which is a Kung-Fu Seagull that loves to kick ass. It’s an Endless Endurance type game that will have you judo kicking the baddies all across the sea. You’ll have to dodge missiles, bats and quite a few jetpack wearing crabs. No free version available at the moment, but you can grab the paid version for $1.43.

5. Star Blitz

Glu hit the market this week with another great looking game by the name of Star Blitz. As it’s been said in the market comments, “It’s like Gun Bros in Space” and I’ll totally agree with that. The control setup is the same, but I personally like Star Blitz better. There are several different weapons to use, you can upgrade your ships, and the graphics are excellent. Star Blitz is a great new space-shooter, and best of all it’s free!

6. TouchRetouch

Adva Soft put out a free version of their popular Android App TouchRetouch this week. If you’re not familiar with the app; it lets you remove unwanted objects from your photos and makes it very easy to do. The program has plenty of features that the seasoned pro or photo newbie will appreciate. It’s one of the easiest Photo editing apps for your phone; we highly recommended you check out TouchRetouch Free.

7. Empire Online

Like RPG’s? Well, if you do there’s a new one out from Lakoo called Empire Online. While I haven’t gotten a chance to play this, it honestly sounds pretty damned awesome. It’s a multiplayer online game with over 300 maps, 1000 quests, and 5000 items. It’s been out on the iPhone for a while and has done well; I’m guessing it’s going to do just as well on Android if it plays as good as it looks. Empire Online is free to download, and you can get it in the Android market.

8. iSink U: Pirates Edition

If you enjoy games like Battleship, you’re probably going to like iSink U: Pirates Edition. It’s has some slick graphics, and they game itself is pretty fun as well. As with the classic game of battleship, you’ll try to sink your opponents’ ships before they get yours. The twist in this game is the fact you can move your ships between turns, and you can fire “multiple” shots per round. Great little time-killer and you can get it for free!

9. Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles (Beta)

Star Legends is a new space themed MMO from Spacetime Studios makers of the uber-popular Pocket Legends. If you’ve already played Pocket Legends you’ll have no problems picking up on things quickly in Star legends as they are very similar games. This one’s technically still listed as beta, but everything ran great on the old Captivate. Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles is sure to be a hit, and is free to download in the market.

10. Fox Sports Mobile

FOX Sports put its own app into the market this week when FOX Sports Mobile dropped. The app lets you do a variety of things and covers news from all the major sports including MMA which was cool. You can check out scores, video highlights, and local coverage from FSN affiliates. You can also store you’re favorite sports or teams which ensures that you’ll get news about your teams fast. Haven’t given it a full run-through yet, but so far I definitely like what I see. FOX Sports Mobile is available to download for free.

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