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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – December 11th, 2011

by On

1. Dragon’s Lair

Retro gaming fans got something to smile about this week as Digital Leisure released the classic Dragon’s Lair into the Android market. Now you can help Dirk get Princess Daphne back from the evil wizard Mordroc, and you can do it all from your Android phone or Tablet. Everything you loved about the original is present in the Android version; the animations are still great to see over 20 yrs later. You can grab Dragon’s Lair in the market for $4.99.

2. Night of the Living Dead Defense

Night of the Living Dead defense is a George Romero themed Tower Defense game from the masters of Tower Defense Art of Bytes along with SGN Android. If you’re familiar with the GRave Defense games you’ll have a good idea of what you’re in for, and if you’ve never played one of AOB’s games prepare yourself for some fun. The GRave series are some of the toughest TD games out there, but they are also a blast to play. You can pick up Night of The Living Dead defense in the Android market $0.99.

3. Dizzy – Prince of Yolkfolk

Dizzy – Prince of Yolkfolk is an puzzle game from Codemasters that brings their classic character Dizzy to Android devices. You’ll take Dizzy on a quest across the lands as he tries to help Daisy and solve a series of puzzles. I remember this one a bit from back in the day, but haven’t had a chance to give it a “full” run through yet. From what I’ve seen it looks to be a good game, and one fans of the original will definitely want to grab. No free version is available, but you can get the full version of Dizzy – Prince of Yolkfolk for $1.99.

4. OnLive

A new service debuting this week that just may change the face of gaming as we know it, and that service is called OnLive. OnLive is a “cloud-based” gaming service that lets you stream high quality games on demand to your android tablet or phone. Yup, you heard that right. You can stream high end titles without ever inserting a disc. I haven’t gotten time to try it yet due but it is on my to-do list for this week. Early reports on the service are great, and if you want to give it a go you can pick up the OnLive client in the Android market for free.

5. Christmas Slice

Christmas Slice is a fun Christmas themed time killer from Nelphy games. It’s a slicing game of sorts that has plenty of levels and is quite a bit of fun. If you enjoyed Nelphy games Sliceween, you’ll definitely get a kick out of Christmas Slice and its family friendly which means kids and adults can both play. If you’d like to get your Slice on’, head on over to the market and pick up Christmas Slice for free.

6. Bill Burner

Bill Burner is a new Android App from Adrian Mazzurra that helps you convert all your bills into one recurring payment which can make life much easier. The app splists the total cost of all your bills over their life cycle into small incremental payments. You can also add one-time payments and be notified when you need to make a deposit or when your bills are due. I played around with the app earlier this week, and it offers much more than I can write in a simple summary. Bill Burner looks to be a solid financial app and the free version lets you have 1 account with 5 bills while the paid version costs $2.00 and lets you have unlimited everything.

7. Putter King

Putter King Adventure Golf is a brand new 3D mini golf game from Putter King. This mini golf game has been popular in Japan for awhile now, and after playing it myself I can tell you it’s going to be a bit over here as well. Putter King gives you 24 holes and 3 courses to go along with 4 different modes of gameplay. You can get Putter King Adventure Golf in the Android market for $2.99.

8. Cut the Cheese: Fudge Dragon Rising

Cut the Cheese: Fudge Dragon is a quirky new game from Glu Mobile that lets you cut cheese and pass gas. You’ll cut every piece of cheese you see ala Fruit Ninja, and every time you make a slice you’ll hear a fart… seriously. Cut the Cheese: Fudge Dragon is a straightforward slicing game about cutting cheese literally and figuratively. If you like cheese, fart jokes, or slicing games you can head on over to the market and get pick it up for free.

9. Anti-Text Spoiler

Who doesn’t hate getting a text while you’re in the middle of a movie or game? I know I do and an Android app called Anti-Text Spoiler form Playthings LLC is looking to change that. The app lets you set up an “Event” and start a service that sends out an automated reply to all incoming text messages that come in while the event is active. If the incoming messages are related to said event they are skipped, and if it’s unrelated to the show or game they get through and you avoid spoilers from friends that like to blab during shows. You can pick up Anti-Text Spoiler in the Android market for free.

10. Little Empire

Camel Games made an appearance as they dropped a game called Little Empire into the market earlier in the week. It’s Camel’s first game in awhile and it’s also the world’s first LBS (Location Based Services) mobile MMO game in 3D. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but from what I’ve seen it looks very interesting and I plan on giving a further look later this week. If you’d like to check it out, you can head on over to the market and pick up Little Empire for free.