Another week passes and another slew of Android Apps are unleashed into the market. There were quite a few good ones released this week and after scouring the market we came up with 10 we think are the cream of the crop. Without further ado, we proudly present The Top 10 Android App of the Week for February 13, 2012…

1. One Note Mobile

A super popular app got released last week when Micosoft dropped OneNote Mobile for Android. This handy app lets you take notes on the go and lets you get down those all important ideas before they escape your mind. You can create notes with text, pictures, and bullets and sync everything up with Microsoft’s free SkyDrive. One Note Mobile is a great app to have and you can get it for free in the Market.

2. Love Test!

Love Test! is a new Android App from AMA that gives you a little advice and lets you put your love to the test. There is a 60 question test included while the other sections offer poetry, advice and sweet sayings you can use on your loved one. The Love Test! is free to download from the Android market.

3. Advice Animal Creator

Meme’s… who doesn’t love em? I know I do and a new Android app called Advice Animal Creator will let you create your own meme images right on your phone. The app lets you use any image you want or you can choose from one of over 100 included images. Advice Animal Creator is a fun app to play around with and you can get it for free in the Android market.

4. VoteMe

Bamboo Apps put out a cool little social app last week in the form of VoteMe. This app lets you run to become Americas first social President and can turn you into a social celebrity if you make it to the top. You have to make a party, invite people in, and campaign to be the best. There are lots of neat features, and as it’s a social app you’ll have to go through social media giant Facebook to play. If you want to see just how popular you are you can pick up VoteMe for free in the Android market.

5. MrTickTock

Time management is an important part of our daily lives; some of us are great at it while others could use some help. MrTickTock might just be the answer for those of us that are time management impaired as the app and service work to help you better manage your time. The app has a nice layout, but you will have to make a free online account to use it. You can pick up the MrTickTock time tracker app for free in the market.

6. Oblique Strategies Cards

Have you ever been creatively deadlocked? A lot of us have had that issue and with the Oblique Strategies Cards you may be able to break that deadlock. Each card has a cryptic remark or phrase that can be used to break that deadlock and free up your creative genius. It’s a simple app, but one that could definitely be used if you’re stuck in a tough spot creatively. You can pick up the Oblique Strategies Cards in the market for free.

7. Underwater World Scenes LWP

We haven’t covered a Live Wallpaper in awhile, but a cool new one came out this week that we think you might dig. The Underwater World Scenes LWP from attdroid lets you get a glimpse of the deep blue sea right on your homescreen. It’s a slick looking Live Wallpaper and you can get it for free in the Market

8. Cartoon Camera

Cartoon Camera is a new photo editing app that can take your pictures and cartoonize them in many different ways. There are 5 different effects and you can view them all in real-time to see which style best suits your photo. There are free and paid versions of the app available for download in the Android market.

9. Liquor Hub

Liquor Hub is a new Android App from Proof66 that gives you consumer and professional ratings on over 5,000 different spirits. The app has a Liquor Guru that offers personal selections based on real-life situations and a built-in barcode scanner that gives you the booze’s vital stats with the touch of a finger. If you like your liquor as much as I do, this looks to be a good app to check out. You can pick up Liquor Hub and give it a go in the Android market for free.

10. Remember The Spot

Have you ever drifted by a cool location and wish you could remember where it was? If so there’s a new app out from Jose M. Gomez called Remember the Spot that can help you out. This handy app lets you mark locations while setting your sound and wifi up to notify you when you’re nearby. Haven’t had much time to play with it, but it looks to be a good app and a great way to remember locations you may not want to forget. You can find Remember the Spot in the Android market for free.

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