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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – February 19, 2012

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We’re back on track this week with another edition of our best picks from the wild world of the Android market. We’re also going to try and keep the Top Games & Apps on Sundays so be sure to check back with us every week for the latest and greatest. Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Android Apps of the Week for February 19, 2012…

1. Aging Booth

A little while back we had an app that would make you bald, and now there’s one that can make you old with PiVi & Co’s Aging Booth for Android. It’s a simple app that’s easy to use and will let you take a brief peak into the future to see what you may or may not look like in 30-40 years. Apps like these are always a blast to play with and it’s even better when they’re free. You can download PiVi & Co’s Aging Booth in the Android market.

2. Kitchen Pro (Rooted)

This next app is definitely not for everyone as it requires Root and you need to be a CheckROM user, but we thought it was too cool to leave off the list. The KitchenPro app gives you the ability to modify/customize your phone on the go with a slew of cool features and it even comes with video guides to help people that are new to CheckROM and all that it offers. KitchenPro is free to download and you can find it in the Android market.

3. Design Review Mobile

Design Review Mobile is a new Android App from Autodesk that lets you speed up the design process while you’re on the go. The app lets you view and redline design files while in or out of the office by allowing you to review Autodesk 2D and 3D design files directly from your Android device. Not an app for everyone, but if you’re an Autodesk user it’s an app you “must” have. You can pick up Design Review Mobile for free in the Android market.

4. BackDrop (Rooted)

BackDrop is a cool new Android app for “rooted” users that lets you backup and restore your apps, data, SMS messages and other settings to and from DropBox. Its interface is simple and easy to use; the free version lets you backup 5 things at a time while the pro version is unlimited and has some additional features like auto restore. Both versions of BackDrop can be found in the Android market.

5. Clik

Clik is a new remote control app that will let you control any web-enabled screen right from your smartphone. It’s also a social app of sorts; if your friends have the app you can all browse YouTube together and show/share videos while you’re all online. It’s a neat little app, but there are a few features that seem a little buggy still; that being said its a new app so I’m sure they’ll get the kinks worked out soon.  Clik is free and available for download in the Android market.

6. FTL Launcher

If there’s one thing I love about Android it’s the users ability to customize things, and a new app called FTL Launcher will help you do just that. Most of us have used homescreen replacement apps and while I haven’t had a chance to spend much time with this one, FTL Launcher looks to be a great new addition to the pack. There’s a lite version available to let you get a feel for the launcher and the full version can be had for $2.64. If you’re looking for an alternative home screen app you may want to give this one a look.

7. Spentable

Like to spend money? Who doesn’t, the hard part comes into play for most people when you have to keep track of your money and keep a little in reserve. That’s where an app like Spentable comes in handy as it lets you quickly keep track of your expenses so you’ll know what you’ve got on hand at all times. There is a free version of the app to try while the full version gives you more features and can be had for $1.99.

8. Panorama Pro

If you’ve ever wanted to quickly snap a picture that’s a bit wider than you thought we’ve got just the thing for you with a new app called Panorama Pro from Wondershare Software. This handy little app lets you take great looking panoramic shots with ease and even gives you the ability to add some cool effects to them beforehand. Great photo app and it can be yours for the price of free! You can pick up Wondershare Software’s Panorama Pro in the Android market.

9. Talking Pierre the Parrot

The folks at Outfit 7 really, really like their talking animals and they’ve just given folks another one to enjoy with Talking Pierre the Parrot. As Pierre is a parrot, he’ll not only remember what you said but will mimic it back to you at a random time. If you’re into talking animals apps there’s no doubt you’ll want to pick this one up. There are free and paid versions of Pierre the Parrot available for download from the Android market.

10. Pass4WiFi

Pass4Wifi is a new Android app from the folks at Appvetica that helps to let you discover passwords to nearby WiFi networks. The app uses GPS and Foursquare to locate the user/site and then mines for tips that may or may help you crack the pass. The app wouldn’t work well for me as I’m away from the city, but it’s an interesting app nonetheless. You can check out Pass4WiFi in the Android market for free.

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