As another week comes to an end, we’re back with our Top picks for the best Android apps of the week. This week brings apps covering the areas of  Music, Social messaging, Spartacus, Pizza, and the International Space Station among other things. Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Android Apps of the Week for February 26, 2012…

1. Mumbo

Mumbo is a new social messaging app that lets you exchange messages, photos and interactive polls with anyone via your smartphone or desktop. It has a lot of cool features and can do everything from group chats to photo rating. If you’re into the whole social media scene Mumbo is an app you’ll definitely want to check out. You can pick up Mumbo for free in the Android market.

2. ISSLive

The ISSLive Android app lets you interact with live streaming data from the International Space Station, take virtual 3D tours, and view crew & science timelines for a fun and educational experience. The console displays and tours were very cool to check out and you can definitely learn a lot from the app if you’re interested in Space or NASA. You can find Nasa’s ISSLive App in the Android market for free.

3. Dominos Pizza USA App

My favorite Pizza Place got an app this week with the Domino’s Pizza USA Android app. As it is a Pizza ordering app it does what you’d expect it to do, and it’s got a nice clean layout. It’s not as cool as the Pizza Tracker they have online and you can’t link with your account yet, but you can order pizza while you’re on the go. The Domino’s Pizza USA app is available to download for free in the Android market.

4. Lomo Camera

Lomo Camera is a nice little Camera app that lets you spruce up your photos with some very cool effects. It’s a fully functional emulator of the Lomo Camera that comes with 6 different filters based of the real deal. If you enjoy camera apps of this nature, you’ll definitely dig Lomo Camera. You can pick up Wise Shark Software’s Lomo Camera for free in the market.

5. Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics is a new Android app from that lets you check and analyze your Google Checkout stats while you’re on the go. It breaks everything down using graphs and charts while allowing you to visually analyze all the important data quickly. It’s still in Beta but looks to be a “must have” app if you use Google checkout or sell apps on the market.

6. N7player Music Player

I’ve tried about every music player out there, but not many are as sexy as the N7player Music Player from N7 Mobile. The app makes browsing your music a breeze with its intuitive interface, and it’s got some great features to boot like the 5-band equalizer and ID3 tag editor. This is a time limited public beta version, and the full version “unlocker” should be on the market soon. If you’re looking for a new music player the N7player is one you’ll definitely want to check out.

7. Droid WiFi Analyzer

The Droid Wifi Analyzer lets you check on in-range access points from the comfort of your phone. It lets you view current network performance from multiple views and doubles as a WiFi manager by letting you see and access connection points. I personally used this to help me out with a router issue; it worked like a charm and is super simple to use. You can find Kastor Soft’s Droid WiFi Analyzer for free in the Android market.

8. Spartacus Workout

Spartacus Workout is an Android app from Shredder Skeleton that will help to get you looking like the title character by doing the Men’s Health Spartacus workout. The app uses visual and audio cues to let you know which exercise is next, details on the exercise, how long to rest, and when to switch arms along with several others. It’ll even taunt you if it feels that you’re slacking off. Nice app, and it works well “if” you actually put in the work. You can check out the Spartacus Workout for free in the market.

9. Talkatone

Talkatone is a new Android app that can turn your Android device into a full fledged internet phone. You can login with your Google account or Facebook to make free unlimited calls and texts to any phone number in the US or Canada. I’m not sure what kind of sorcery powers this awesome software, but trust me when I say it’s some powerful android powered magic. Talkatone works great and you can grab it for free in the Market.

10. Tweet Longer for Twitter

Tweet Longer for Twitter is a great Android App with one simple purpose… it allows you to go over the dreaded 140 character limit on Twitter. Not much else to say as it does what it says and it’s great to be able to exceed the character limit. Tweet Longer for Twitter is free to download and you can find it in the market.

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