Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – February 5, 2012

Unfortunately, I missed last weeks list due to a 3 day internet outage, so we’re doing things a bit different this week. This weeks list is comprised of the best apps from the past two weeks, and we think there are some great Android Apps you’ll definitely want to check out. Without further ado, we proudly present The Top Android Apps of the Week for February 5, 2012…

1. Steam

The official Steam App came out last week, and it’s an app that gamers on Steam have been waiting for. The Steam App from Valve lets you participate in the Steam community wherever you go by letting you chat with your friends, browse community groups, and go through user profiles. You also get the latest gaming news and are the first to know when Steam is having their game sales. You can get Valve’s Steam App for free in the Android market.

2. Talking Tom & Ben

It started with Tom the talking cat and then came Ben, Gina the Giraffe and Santa. Now Outfit 7 is back with another talking animal for your phone with Talking Tom & Ben News. If you’ve played around with any of the other talking animal apps you’ll know what this one does, but Talking Tom & Ben has a few new features. It lets you create conversations between the two animals and also lets you upload your own video that they can comment on. Fun app, and if you liked their others you’ll want to get this one to. You can pick up Talking Tom & Ben news for free in the market.

3. Chevy Game Time App

As it is the week of the Super Bowl we thought we’d include a few Super Bowl related apps and we’re going to start with Chevy’s Game Time for Android. This app lets answer live trivia about the game, commercials and more during the game. If you happen to be lucky, you can win 1 of 20 Chevys that they’re giving away during the game along with countless other cool prizes.  It’s a great marketing idea, and an app that I plan on having up during the game tonight myself. If you’re going to watch the game I’d highly advise you to pick up the Chevy Game Time app for free in the market.

4. CIA World Factbook

The name of the CIA World Factbook might be a little misleading as its not an app that turns you into some Super Spy, but it’s handy to have nonetheless. The CIA World Factbook gives you easy to access information from over 270 countries which is great if you’re a traveler. You’ll get information on countries people, geography, government, economy, military, and transnational issues among other things. Good app to have if you’re a globetrotter or just want to find out some information on a specific country. The CIA World Factbook from S4BB is free to download from the market.

5. GifBoom

GifBoom by Tapmojo is an Android app that lets you easily create and share GIFs from your Android phone. The app lets you make animated GIFs from your camera or photo library in seconds and the GIFs can then be used or shared via the usual channels of Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler. It’s a pretty cool app with a lot of nice features and you can get it for free in the market.

6. Super Bowl XLVI Guide

If you’re headed to the Super Bowl or just watching it from the couch the Super Bowl XLVI Guide Android App is just the thing for you. This handy app gives you a detailed guide to restaurants, nightlife, and events if you’re lucky enough to be in Indianapolis for the big game. If you’re stuck at home you can still follow the social media action with the NFL Huddle as well. It’s a free app that you’ll definitely want to pick up if you’re a football fan getting ready for gametime.

7. Guard My Angel

Guard My Angel is a great safety app we covered last week, and it’s an app you’ll want to have if you got to a lot of suspect locations. It lets you set a list of Emergency contacts along with a timer; if you don’t disarm the app or hit the SOS button it will send out info to your selected contacts. It works well and you can read more about it here or head on over to the market and grab it for free.

8. Chaikin Power Tools

The Chaikin Power Tools Stock App lets you quickly separate the Bulls from the Bears with its quick and easy to use interface. The app helps you get information on stocks while you’re on the go so you can make a quick buy/sell decision if you need to. It’s very easy to use and gives you with a nice amount of information at your fingertips. You can grab the Chaikin Power Tools App for free in the market.

9. Tom’s Love Letters

Outfit 7 does a double dip this week as they released Ben & Tom last week, and this week they dropped Tom’s Love Letters. The Love Letter’s App lets you capture a special moment between Tom and his femme fatale Angela and then lets you send a postcard to your loved ones via MMS, Email or Facebook. Nice app to have on hand with Valentine’s Day coming up and you can get it for free in the market.

10. My Tie

My Tie is not to be confused with the similarly named drink from the Hawaiian Islands, but it can help you learn to tie a few knots. My Tie will teach the ways of the gentlemen by showing you how to tie a tie 6 different ways. The free version only gives you two knots, but the full version gives you six for only $0.99 cents.

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