Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – January 15th, 2012

As we are now halfway through the first month of 2012, it’s been a pretty slow start to the year for “good” new Android Apps and Games. There are still some great ones out there, ya’ just have to look a little harder to find them. After dredging through the abyss known as the Android market, we managed to come up with 10 New Android Apps and Games that are sure to impress. Without further ado, we proudly present our Top 10 Android Apps of the Week for January 15th 2012…

1. Siegebreaker

Siegebreaker is a new game from Crazy Monkey Studios that puts you to work defending medieval castles with a rock star named Keith. It’s a Tower Defense game with moveable towers (people) and a comical storyline to boot. Keith can take out enemies with the power of music (or big boulders), and he’ll get a little help from some other quirky characters  along the way. Fans of TD games will definitely want to check Siegebreaker, and you can find it in the Android market for free.

2. Boycott SOPA App

The bill known as SOPA is set to change the internet, and not in a good way. All your favorite sites (including this one) can and will be affected if the bill passes, and thanks to the Boycott SOPA app you can find out which companies are supporters of the bill. The app takes barcode scans and checks them against its database of SOPA supporting companies which means you can hit em’ where it hurst by not buying their products. The Boycott SOPA app is free to download from the market.

3. NBC App

NBC has a lot of great television shows and if you’re a fan like I am you’ll be pleased to know they now have an official NBC Android App for their TV shows. The NBC App lets you check schedules, preview upcoming shows, and features video highlights and clips from NBC shows. The app also has a few interactive games, some trivia and a customizable myNBC dashboard that gives you a personalized view of your favorite shows. No full episodes are up yet, but they are said to be coming soon. You can pick up the NBC App in the android market for free.

4. Planet Buster

Planet Buster is a new match-3 style game from Exit Strategy Software that puts you on a space adventure and it involves pirates. The way the game is laid out, its challenge levels, and its storyline set it apart from other match-3 games and make Planet Busters a game you should try. There is a lite version you can check out for free while the full version will only set you back $1.99.

5. Appzilla: 40 in 1!

Normally we wouldn’t list an “all in one” app, but AppZilla seems to be a very popular one for iPhone and it’s just come over to Android. The Appzilla App gives you 40 Android Apps in one package, for one low price. You’ll get apps like Game Buzzer, Group SMS, Surface Level, Horoscope, Police Scanner, and many more. Haven’t had time to get a look at the “quality” of the apps included yet, but you can check out Appzilla for yourself for only $0.99 cents in the market.

6. Run Like Hell! Yeti Edition

Run Like Hell! Yeti Edition is a new game in the Run Like Hell! Series from Mass Creation. You have to run as fast as you can through the level while jumping and sliding… and you have to stay ahead of the dreaded Yeti. It’s a fast-paced game that’s definitely not for the faint of heart as you’re going to have to have quick reflexes and some patience to stay ahead of the yeti. Run Like Hell! Yeti Edition is a fun time-killer, and you can get it in the market for free.

7. Ice Breaker!

There are a slew of Slicing, Bombing, and generally destructive games in the Android market, and now there’s one that lets you bust up ice called Ice Breaker! from Ezjoy Network. This new game gives you a slingshot and some spiky bombs and puts you to work busting up a variety of ice sculptures. It’s a very simple concept, and a super-addictive game that folks should definitely check out. You can find Ice Breaker! in the Android market for free.

8. Battlefield BF3 Stats

Battlefield BF3 Stats is an app that any Battlefield 3 fan must have as it lets you view stats, unlocks, and awards for players on the PC, 360 and Ps3. It also has lists of weapons with stats, vehicles, specific unlocks, equipment, ribbons and medals. You get a nice little widget for your homescreen to show how good you are, and you get all that from this awesome little app for free. You can find Battlefield BF3 from bjorncs in the Android market.

9. / Escape

/ Escape drops you into a pixilated world as a pixilated Ninja who’s just trying to make his way to the top. The top of a massive tower that is, and when you’ve got a laser on your tail you’re going to have to move quickly. You’re only means of escape it to jump and you’ll be doing a lot of that so limber up your fingers before firing up / Escape . It’s a cool little game from Kongregate and Incredible Ape, and you can grab it for $0.99 cents in the Android market.

10. Nightmare Adventures

Nightmare Adventures The Witch’s Prison is a new hidden object adventure game from Big Fish Games. The game lets you explore the secrets of Blackwater Asylum as you try and help Kiera Vale discover her ancestor’s mysterious history. Nightmare Adventures is a great looking Hidden Object game with an eerie atmosphere and intriguing storyline. You can get Nightmare Adventures: The Witch’s Prison for $3.99 in the market.

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