Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – January 1st, 2012

1. Mega Mall Story

Kairosoft dropped two games into the market this month, and their latest titled Mega Mall Story is sucking away my free time in a major way. Mega Mall Story lets you build your own mega mall and your going to have a blast doing it. You get to add floors, build shops, hire managers, and even invest in the land surrounding your mall. As with most Kairosoft games, Mega Mall Story has deep gameplay and is a total blast to play. No trial version is available at this time, but you can pick up the full version of Mega Mall Story for $4.99.

2. Horse Stable Tycoon

Horse Stable Tycoon is a new Android game from Living Code Labs that lets you run your own stable where you’ll buy and sell horses to race or show. You’ll also have to do the the little things like training, grooming, and even clean up a little poop from time to time. While it’s not the prettiest game I’ve ever seen, it is a well done sim with plenty of depth and great gameplay. There is a limited demo version of the Horse Stable Tycoon or you can grab the full version for $4.99.

3. Mike V: Skateboard Party

Fans of the classic Tony Hawk skateboard games got a nice surprise this week as Ratrod Studios released a little game called Mike V: Skateboard Party for Android. While the game isn’t Tony Hawk, it’s the closest thing we have and it’s loads of fun to play. The graphics  look great, the gameplay is solid, and there are plenty of decks to customize & tricks to pull off. Mike V: Skateboard Party is available to download in the Android market for $1.94.

4. Flick Golf Extreme

One of my favorite games got a sequel of sorts this week with Full Fat Productions Flick Golf Extreme. This is Flick Golf taken to the extreme as you’ll quickly find out when you tee off from a moving helicopter. The controls are the same, but the courses are definitely different and the game as a whole is much trickier than the previous one. No free version, but the full version of Flick Golf Extreme is a steal at only $1.99.

5.  Papa John’s Pizza

People who love Pizza (myself included) got an android app they had been waiting for from Papa John’s Pizza. Now you can order the delicious Pizza right from your phone, and the app has the “entire” menu for you to choose from. You just fire up the app, put your order together, and you’ll have a pizza at your front door before you know it. You don’t have a Papa John’s account to order, and you can order from any Papa John’s in the USA. Checked this one out myself this week and it worked like a charm; You can get the Papa John’s Pizza App for free in the market.

6. RopeBot

RopeBot is a new Android game that has you swinging around levels like Spiderman, but instead of controlling spidey you’ll use a round little robot… or RopeBot if you will. The mechanics are simple and fun to pull off; you shoot, release, and cut the rope as your swinging to propel your little bot through 45 challenging levels. There is a free version available to try while the full version of RopeBot can be had for only .99 cents.

7. Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots

Fans of Shrek and the Fruit Ninja games got a surprise this week with Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots from Halfbrick Studios. The slicing stays the same, but you’re going to use the sword wielding Puss this time around; the whole game has a great Puss in Boots theme to it along with 2 modes of play. You can pick up Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots in the Amazon market for $0.99 cents.

8. Swingworm

Developers 10tons put out another quirky little game this week with Swingworm. Swingworm lets you control a spiky little bug named Swingy who likes to climb trees; the way he climbs those trees is very intuitive and a lot of fun. The game has plenty of levels, solid gameplay, and colorful graphics; it’s a good game for kids or adults to enjoy. It’s a game definitely worth checking out, and you can find it for free in the market.


9. Doodle Boat

If you like Doodle game there’s a new one that just dropped that’s worth a look called Doodle Boat from Mass Creation. This doodley little game has you piloting a speed boat down the river while you shoot obstacles, collect coins, and become the duke of the river. It’s easy to play (accelerometer based) and becomes pretty addictive once you get the hang of it. You can check out Doodle Boat for free in the Android market.

10. Breezy Lite

Breezy is a new android app that lets you print of fax any document directly from your Android device. There are 3 different ways to print with Breezy – Print to your own printers, search for a public printer in the Breezy Partner network, or print to your company’s printers if they are a breezy corporate customer. The app itself is free, but it’s still in Beta so keep that in mind when checking it out.

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