Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – January 22, 2012

We’re back and doing things differently this week as we’ve finally separated our Android Apps & Games into two separate lists. You’ll find our Top 10 Android Apps below and our Top 10 Android Games on our sister site Without further ado, here are our Top 10 Android Apps of the week…

1. Wikipedia App

Wikipedia was all over the news this week with its site going black to denounce SOPA and PIPA. A lot of folks might have missed the fact that the Wikimedia Foundation finally came out with the Official Wikipedia Android App this week. Yup, you can finally access the biggest reference work in the world in all its glory from your Android device. You can search, share, and save articles to read offline and as a whole the app works great. You can pick up the official Wikipedia App for free in the market.

2. Jotly

Jotly is a new Android App that lets you (and other users) rate anything you see within the app or anything you upload from your Android. Pictures can be searched, hashtagged, and sorted through a few different means. The app also has a “Top Jotters” leaderboard which shows the top uploaders/shutterbugs using the app. Jotly is a pretty cool social media app, and you can get it for free in the Android market.

3. Call of Duty Elite App

Call of Duty fans were in for a treat this week (sort of) as Activision released the Call of Duty Elite App for Android. The app lets you review recent matches, track your challenge progress, and career summery so you can analyze your game and formulate new strategies.  The app does some pretty cool things like pushing loadouts directly to your game, but there have been some major resolution issues for some devices that Activision is working to clear up. With close to 500,000 downloads already, I don’t think I’d call the app a fail and hopefully they’ll have it working right soon. The Call of Duty Elite App is free to download in the market.

4. Make Me Bald

Make me Bald is a new app from Swiss Codemonkeys that lets you see how you’ll look sans hair. You can be bald in seconds as you snap a picture and can then use your finger as the razor! There is a funny face image editor that lets you tweak a few other things, and as you’d expect you can share your hairless masterpieces from the comfort of your phone.

5. Hundred Pushups Free

The app known as Hundred Pushups has been out for awhile now and a little over a week ago a free version of the workout app crept into the market. Hundred Pushups Free puts you through the same six week training program as the paid version, but is ad supported. It’s actually a great app and works well if you do what it says. If you’d like to get your fitness on, head on over to the market and grab Hundred Pushups Free from Softwarex.

6. Airbnb

Airbnb is a new Android app that lets you search, list and book unique accommodations around the world right from your phone. It can help you find an apartment for a night, castle for a week or a villa for months in more than 19,000 cities spanning 192 countries around the world. The app is simple to use and there are some very cool listings available in places ranging from Austin, Texas to Mother Russia.  I plan on doing a full review of this app soon, until then you can get it in the market for free.

7. JackThreads

The JackThreads app lets users find and purchase great deals on clothing and gear from the JackThreads site. They basically find sales with savings of 30-80% and list them on their website; there are a lot of “new” brands coupled with some big names like Volcom and DC Shoes. It’s a clean looking app that’s easy to use and people that use JackThreads or are looking for a good deal will dig this app. You can get the JackThreads app from Thrillist for free.

8. Scare Your Friends Ultimate

Every week a new “Freak Out” App arrives in the market and this week we got a nice one with Scare Your Friends Ultimate from Zasphan Mobile. The app lets you pick an image, set a time and then gives your friends a surprise when the time is up. I had this one pulled on me a few days ago and actually dropped the phone so keep that in mind before pranking lol. You can get Scare your friends Ultimate for free in the Android market.

9. Calcnext

Calcnext is a voice enhanced Calculator app that gives you 7 different features in one powerful package. You’ll get a Scientific & Simple Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, Currency convertor, Area convertor, Mass convertor, Time convertor and Temperature convertor. If you need to do some calculations I think it’s pretty safe to say Calcnext has got ya’ covered. You can get Calcnext from Manipal Digital Systems for free.

10. Doom Box

I can’t lie, I’m a sucker for cool names so when I saw the words “Doom Box” in the market I just had to check it out. Turns out the Doom Box is a nice way to annoy your friends and possibly induce a few flashbacks as it churns out sounds of impending danger. You’ll get Sirens for Tornados, Civil Defense, Tsunami’s and even incoming Nukes. The app isn’t going to win any awards, but it’s great to play around with and is free to download in the market.

Top 10 Android GAMES of the Week – January 22, 2012

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