Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – July 15, 2011

1. Spirit HD

We ran a full review of this little gem yesterday, and it’s also at the top of this weeks list of best Android apps. Spirit HD is a great new game from developer Marco Mazzoli and publisher Jakyl that let’s you become the master of space and time by opening up Worm Holes to destroy your enemies. The controls are unique as there’s no button mashing at all; you’ll just need to draw a circle around your foes to open the vortex and kill the bad guys. Spirit HD gives you 3 modes of play, a great soundtrack, and brilliant graphics. Personally, it’s one of the best games I’ve played in a while and one of the few games that makes me wish I owned a tablet. Don’t get me wrong, it looks outstanding on my Captivates screen, but it would love to see it run on an Android tablet. No free version is available at this time, but you can get the paid version of Spirit HD for $2.00 in the Android market.

2. Static Motion

Static Motion is new retro looking “Tap & Destroy” game from Founder’s Hill. It’s a fun game, and can get pretty intense as the levels increase as you’ll need to keep a constant watch on your energy while taking enemies out. It has 77 levels in the full version and  a profile save system so you and your friends can play without screwing up each others scores. You can check out or full review here, if you need more convincing on how much fun it is. Static Motion has a free version, and paid version available to check out in the Android market.

3. Scrabble Free

Everyone’s heard of Scrabble, and now EA Sports has brought the official version of the game to the Android market. This version of Scrabble is the the Ultimate version of Scrabble, and lets you do “Pass and Play” or you can challenge opponents online several different ways. It also allows you the ability to socialize while you play or be notified when it’s your turn if you’re away from the game. Another great feature is the ability to play “Cross-Platform” with folks that have iPhones. That in itself is a great feature as not everyone has figured out how awesome Android is yet. If you’re a fan of the original, Scrabble is a must have app and you can pick it up for free in the market.  

4. Mooniacs

Mooniacs is a new game from Bandai Namco games, and it looks to be a good one. It has a lot to offer with leaderboards, 3 different characters, 3 different endings, and 90 levels spread out across 3 different colorful worlds. I haven’t gotten to play this yet, but will give it a go as soon as Amazon let’s me download it; it’s been a bit buggy on my end as of late. Yup, it’s only on Amazon right now which is going to leave some folks in the dark until it comes over to the Android market. Normally, I wouldn’t give a game the number 2 slot if I haven’t played it, but from everything I’ve heard & seen this game is going to be a winner. If you’d like to give it a shot, you can pick up Mooniacs for .99 cents in Amazons App market.  

5. Zombieville USA

I’m always glad to see another Zombie game come out for Android, especially when it’s a good one. This week brought us Zombieville USA from Mika Mobile. It’s a straight forward Zombie killing game that will have you killing zombies within seconds. There are around 18 different weapons to mow the undead down with, and a few were VERY nice to have in the game. I really dug the graphics on this one, and the gameplay was quick and very intense at times. You can grab Zombievillle USA for $1.99 in the Android market.

6. Hertz Smasher

There isn’t a lot of information out about Hertz Smasher, but it looks to be a very interesting game. You “shout” to destroy stained glass demons that are tormenting you in your nightmare. As you shatter them into colorful heaps, you can climb higher out of your nightmare. Just going of the market description folks lol, that’s all the information they have up. It does sound interested, and the graphics look very cool; I have absolutely no idea how it plays yet though. You can check out Hertz Smasher by 24mas in the market for around $2.15.

7. Death Cop

Death Cop is a nice little game that almost slipped under my radar this week. You’ll control a “Mech” that’s been built to take out the enemy, and it can do that with 11 awesome weapons. You’ll use everything from flamethrowers to grenade launchers and you’ll have 3 different Mechs to choose from. There are 16 missions in Death Cop with 3 modes of play, which helps to keep the gameplay fresh. Death Cop looks great, and you can check it out for free in the Market.

8. Fishing Master

Fishing Master is a new fishing game from SmartTeam that puts you to work catching fish. You’ll use nets instead of poles in order to catch 13 colorful fish through 7 different levels. The graphics look very vibrant, and it will run on any device with Android 1.6 or higher which is nice for folks with older handsets. Haven’t gotten to try this one myself yet, but plan on it over the weekend. You can get Fishing Master for free in the Android market.

9. GRave Defense Free

We’ve covered this great “ghoulish” game several times on-site, and felt it also deserved a place on the list this week. GRave Defense is one of our favorites and a free version of GRave Defense HD came out this week that gives new players 4 HD maps to try out. You’ll even get a cool “multi-screen” map that gave me fits for quite a while. If you haven’t played GRave Defense HD Free yet, I’d highly recommend you check it out for free in the market.

10. Death Worm Free

If you’ve ever wanted to control a giant worm that eats people and destroys tanks, then Death Worm is just the game for you. The Free version of this popular game came out yesterday, and looks to be doing well. It was very popular when it first came out a few months ago, and people have been waiting on a free version ever since. Playcreek delivered with Death Worm Free and if you haven’t played it yet, I would highly recommend you check it out.

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