1. Redneck Jellyfish

Redneck Jellyfish is a great new game from Mudstuffing Industries (great name guys), that puts you in charge of a Jellyfish named Gus, who just happens to be a redneck. Gus’s job is to build coral reefs by using the coral seeds he collects with his tentacles. The problem is he’s going to have to contend with sea urchins, clams, crabs and other mean marine life. It’s one of the oddest games I’ve played in a while, and I love it. The controls can take a little getting used to, but it’s nothing major. The graphics are really great, and the sound effects had me cracking up the whole time. Very unique game, that’s definitely worth a look. You can get the free version of Redneck Jellyfish or the paid version for a lowly .99 cents. I highly recommend you check it out!

2. Psychoban

Psychoban is a new Sokoban game from Dedalord that puts a new twist on the tired old Sokoban genre by putting you in the midst of an insane asylum.  Yup, you’re a mental patient that’s put in charge of moving the boxes around several different asylums. It has 60 levels of puzzles, and 5 different mental wards to go through. Psychoban also has gorgeous graphics and a fun storyline to follow as well. You can play through the first 6 levels for free, but after that you’ll need to purchase the full version to play on. If you’d like to try a crazy little Sokoban game, you should check out Psychoban in the Android market.

3. D.A.R.K.

D.A.R.K. is a new space based shooter from Electronic Arts that puts you in the role of a Space Marine. This game is pretty hard to find, but if you’re able to run it, it has some of the best graphics we’ve seen for this kind of game. From what we’ve heard the gameplay is smooth, and the graphics are really, really slick. Not a lot of information out about it right now, but if you can find it in EA’s Flexion store, you should check it out. I’m going to borrow a buddy’s phone this weekend, and take a crack at it myself. If all goes well, expect a full review next week.

4. Biofrenzy: Frag the Zombies

Biofrenzy: Frag the Zombies is a new side-scrolling Zombie killing game from Zozo Games. It has slick graphics, lot’s of weapons, and hordes of zombies to destroy. They’ve also thrown in a few interesting things like Bullet-Time and Chronosphere that help to keep the gameplay fresh. There’s no free version available, but you can get the paid version of Biofrenzy for around $2.05 in the Android market.

5. Shoal

Games involving Fish are quite popular, and we have a new one out in the form of Shoal. Shoal is not your typical fishing game though, as you don’t want to be caught, eaten, or get into any danger at all; you just want to make it out alive. The controls are pretty neat, as you’ll use your finger to sort of prod the fish along, and keep them out of harm’s way. There are several different enemies standing in your way, and you’ll have to figure out the best way to get around them while keep your school of fish intact. It’s a great game and it can get very difficult. You can grab Shoal by MassHabit Games for $1.04 in the market.

6. Falling Fred

Developer Dedalord makes another appearance in the list with Falling Fred. As the title implies, it’s all about Fred who’s all about falling. You’ll need to control Fred as he falls down a long maze filled with Buzz-Saw’s, Fire, and several other obstacles. There are several different characters to use/unlock, and the 3D graphics look great. You can pick up Falling Fred from the market for free.

7. Viber

Viber is a new app that uses VOIP to let you make free calls and send free texts to other users that have Viber installed. It’s 100% free with no ads which is great; you just need an active 3G or Wi-Fi connection and another user with Viber.  I gave this a brief go earlier today and it worked flawlessly. It’s a great app, with a simply interface, and it’s an android app that I’ll be keeping on my phone for quite some time. You can get Viber for free in the market.

8. Dragon, Fly!

Dragon, Fly! puts you in control of a newly hatched dragon that’s not learned how to fly yet. Lucky for the little guy, he lives in a hilly land so you can send him zipping over the hills at breakneck speeds. Simple to control, and very easy to pick up and play; it’s really one of those games that anyone can enjoy. Dragon, Fly! is a fun time-waster, and it’s free to download from the market.

9. Clumps of Light

If you enjoy logic games you’ll probably get a kick out of Clumps of Light. This puzzler uses light as it’s source of frustration, as you’ll need to connect the source block with the colored beam to its destination block. Clumps of Light has 109 levels and an online ranking system so you can compete against other people around the globe. I haven’t gotten to spend much time with it yet, but from what I played it was quite a bit of fun, and best of all it’s free!

10. Mascots of the Temple Light

Not exactly sure what this one’s all about yet, but who doesn’t love cute mascots & ancient temples? Mascots of Temple is a cute looking little game where you’ll need to feed the elemental mascots the proper elements. I’m digging the graphics on this one, but haven’t had a chance to play it yet. Seems to have a good rating, and plenty of downloads in a short time and definitely looks like one that deserves a look. You can check out Mascots of the Temple light in the Android market.  

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