1. Roboto

Roboto is a super-slick new platformer from Fenix Fire Entertainment. It’s one of the best looking games we’ve  seen so far this year, but it’s not all about looks; the gameplay is top-notch as well. It has power ups, upgrades, shooting, stomping, and about anything else you can think of. Roboto is a very polished game, and well worth a look. You can get the paid version in the market on sale for $2.99.

2. Bouncy Mouse

We ran a full review of this little gem, the first of the week and now it definitely deserves a place in this weeks Top10. Bouncy Mouse is an Angry Birds type game, but totally different as you’ll be using a mouse with an elastic tail. You’ll get to fling Bouncy Mouse through 30 awesome levels while dodging bees, bouncing off birds, and collecting cheese. It’s a great time-killer with plenty of depth, and best of all it’s free!

3. John Lester Hardball Ace

Jon Lester Hardball Ace is a brand new baseball entry in the Android market, and it’s one of the best looking baseball games out there. It’s not a “full” baseball game, as you’ll play the batter against Major Leaguer Jon Lester himself. You get Ace points for every hit you collect, and it has several different settings you can tweak. It’s a great looking game, and it’s also totally free.

4. Captain America Sentinel of Liberty

One of Marvel Comics most iconic figures got his own movie last weekend along with a game this week. Captain America Sentinel of Liberty is a fast paced game that lets you zip through the stages while battling Hydras Forces and the Red Skull. It follows the plot of the movie pretty well, has great graphics, and plenty of levels to fight through. It says it will be on sale for .99 cents through the opening weekend which has passed, but it’s still listed for .99 cents so you might want to grab it while you still can.

5. Super Swiss Army Knife Free

Super Swiss Army Knife is a great Android app to have on your phone. Just like the name implies, this app can do a lot of different things. It has a nice widget with 8 function like a ruler, protractor, flashlight, compass, Gradienter, Wall Picture, Vertical, and Telemeasurement. In other words, it does a lot of different things just like a Swiss Army Knife. It’s a cool little app with a free and paid version available.

6. Zombie Runaway

It seems as if every week brings a slew of new Zombie games, and this week’s top entry is called Zombie Runaway from Com2uS. It’s strictly a “running” game where you’ll speed down the road dodging tombstones and other obstacles while picking up power ups along the way. It’s simple to play with only 3 buttons you’ll need to use, and the ghoulish graphics really stand out.  Zombie Runaway is free to download in the market.

7. Colosseum

Gamevil is back again this week with a new entry called Colosseum. It’s a side-scrolling RPG game with cool graphics, and plenty of upgrades for your mighty Paladin. It has an infinite number of levels and 9 different weapons to customize. Gamevil has put out some great games, and this one’s no different. You can grab Colosseum in the Android market for free.

8. Tomato Ratings

Tomato Ratings brings movie scores from the popular Rotten Tomatoes site straight to your phone. You can view top movies that are out now, flicks that are coming soon, new DVD releases, and search for movies. It also has reviews from top critics and a few other cool features as well.

9. Switch

Like futuristic Racing games? If so, you’ll enjoy Switch from Playbox makers of the popular Bang Bang Racing THD. It’s a fast paced game where you’ll rocket down the track avoiding obstacles, and opponents as you go. Your goal is to outlast the others and make it as far as possible while “switching” lanes to avoid a collision. Switch has slick graphics and quick, addictive gameplay. You can pick up Switch from the Android Market for free.

10. Zombie Juice

Zombie Juice let’s you turn Zombies into an utter mess by using an arsenal of  everyday household items to take them down in several funny ways. The weapons of destruction look to be things like propane tanks, lawnmowers, guns, and garden gnomes. It has a great rewards/medallion system and the ever popular OpenFeint scoring system. Personally I haven’t gotten to play this one yet as it literally just came out, but it looks pretty cool and sounds very interesting.

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