Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – July 8, 2011

1. Fieldrunners HD

Fieldrunners HD came out yesterday, and it was well worth the wait. The graphics are great, the gameplay is smooth, and there are tons of enemies to take out. It does get tricky as the enemies just keep coming, but that’s a good thing as you’ll keep coming back for more. If you’d like to try a fun, new Tower Defense game that’s a bit different from the rest then check out Fieldrunners HD. It’s now available in the Amazon & Android markets for $2.99.

2. FMX Riders

FMX Riders is a great looking racing game from The Quadsphere , makers of another slick looking game called Icarus-X. It’s an arcade style Motorcross game, and it’s one that will let you pull some pretty cool tricks. It has 4 modes of play, leaderboards & achievements, and a World Circuit Career mode with over 40 events to race. FMX Riders is available to download in the Android market for $2.85.

3. Chef

What’s Chef you ask? Well, Chef is an Android app from Noble bug that’s a cookbook, and an editable grocery list! It has over 14,000 searchable recipes, and you can easily add your own as well. Chef is full of features like food timers, recipe synching, search by allergy, and it can even make your list grocery list out in order by using “your” stores isles. If you like to cook, this would definitely be a great Android app to have. You can pick up Chef in the Android Market for $2.99.

4. Balance It! HD

Like to balance things? If so, you’ll want to check out a new game from Ndroidz called Balance It! HD. Balance It! is a game where your goal is to balance shapes on one another while making sure none fall off the screen. There are 36 colorful levels to enjoy, and they use the popular OpenFeint achievement system as well. I had quite a bit of fun with this one, and it’s free to download in the Market.  

5. Ubuntu One Files

Ubuntu One Files give you the cloud in your pocket, and the freedom to take your files with you as you go. You’ll need an Ubuntu One account which comes with all the basics and 2GB of storage for free. It will also back up any photos you take on your Android device and save them directly to your Ubuntu personal cloud. A great app to have, and best of all it’s totally free!

6. Brain Ball Runaway

Brain Ball Runaway is a slick looking 3D puzzle game involving a ball of sorts. There isn’t much on the market about the game or on developer ilusiva’s website. I can tell you it has some slick looking 3D graphics, and 36 levels, but that’s about it. After looking at the screens, and watching the video it looks like it might be a great game. Personally, I’ll be checking out this game shortly to see if it plays as good as it looks. There isn’t a free version available, but the paid version is only .99 cents.

7. Joining Hands

Joining hands is a fun little puzzler for Android that about… well, holding hands! You’ve got some little guys called the Peablins, who believe if they hold hands with their friends it will keep the boogeyman away. The gameplay is simple as you’ll just need to drop & drag the Peablins to make sure that they are all holding hands, and safe from the evil Boogeyman. It’s a quirky little game with cute graphics, and both kids & adults will both be able to play it with ease. You can find Joining Hands in the Android Market for $3.43.

8. Equilibrium

If you like RTS games, game makers Outlander Studios has just the game for you called Equilibrium. The game is a cross between a Tower Defense game, and a RTS game. You can’t control your warriors individually, and there are two villages so you’ll have to attack as well as defend. Equilibrium has 12 campaign levels along with 18 quick play maps; it also has 10 different levels of difficulty ensuring that you can play this game for a while. It’s a fun new game, and people who like strategy games should check it out. Equilibrium is free to download from the Android market.

9. Ah Up

Ah Up is a strangely named little game from developers TTG. It’s voice activated & accelerometer controlled….and you’ll probably need to wet your whistle before playing this game. As you shout “AH” the rocket will soar into the air. It turned out to be very funny, and it would be a great way to annoy your parents. You can get Ah Up for free in the Android Market.

10. Zomblings

Zomblings is a platform puzzle game from developer Catalyzing Concepts that’s similar to the old classic game Lemmings. There are 18 different puzzles, a catchy little soundtrack, and some great animations. No free version is available at this time, but you can grab the full version of Zomblings for $2.99.

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