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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – June 10, 2011

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1. Read it Later Free

Read it Later Free is a great program that will let you save webpages, and read them later. Whenever you come across a web page or article online that you want to read, just save it to your Read It Later list! This program is a whole lot easier to use than those countless bookmarks, or an inbox full of links. It’s a great app, and a must have for anyone who likes to read the news or articles from their cell phone.

2. Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2 is a slick looking air hockey game that looks like it came straight out of Tron… and that’s a good thing! You can challenge the computer, or play against your friends with local multiplayer mode. There are two table themes to go along with 4 different paddles & pucks. The physics are good, and the graphics are great. You can pick up Glow Hockey 2 for free in the Android market.

3. My Data Manager

Depending on your cell phone plan, you may need to keep close watch on your data. My Data Manager can help you along with several great features. You can set usage alarms, track historical consumptions, and monitor individual application data to see which app is using the most data. It can definitely save you some money if you’re on a limited data plan, or help you find out where all your data usage is going.

4. Fooducate

Fooducate is a great new program that will help you to eat healthier while you’re out shopping. You can scan any product at the supermarket, and it will give you the good & bad highlights of that product as well as suggesting better alternatives. They have over 200,000 unique UPC codes in their database, and the camera scanner works great. You can pick up Fooducate in the Android market for free.

5. Light Circles

If you’ve ever played the old popular game Lights Out, you’re probably going to enjoy Light Circles. Your goal is to switch off the all the double light circles by turning them into single ones. It has three different modes of difficulty, three game modes, and over 200 total levels. It has a clean, good looking interface, and the sound effects were pretty good as well. You can pick up Light Circles for free in the Android market.

6. Lyric Legend Beta

Lyric Legend Beta is a fun new way to learn the lyrics to some of your favorite songs. This beta version has around 150 songs from artists like Drake, Nelly, Lady gaga, Fall out Boy, and many more. Simply pick a song, hit the orbs in time with the lyrics on the screen, and you’ll learn the lyrics while having some fun. It is still in beta, but any currency or song packs you acquire will be transferred over when it comes out of beta. If you’d like to give Lyric Legend a shot, you can grab the free beta in the Android Market.  

7. Battery Pro

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to browse the web, or watch a video and your phone goes dead? It happens to a lot of us, but with a battery app like Battery Pro, you’ll save yourself a few headaches. The program claims to improve your battery life by up to 80%, while also improving your processing power. You can pick up Battery Pro for free in the Android market.

8. Fireball

Fireball is an addictive and challenging game from developer Cyg. You have to cut the playing board small enough to extinguish the fire balls by using your finger.  As the levels progress there will be different kinds of buffs and fireballs. Some buffs will help you get through the level, while others can disturb the balls “moving” status.  It has the Scoreloop scoring system, awards gallery, and an original soundtrack to go along with some pretty slick graphics. You can grab Fireball for free in the market.  

9. Kung Fu Panda GO Launcher

The GO Launcher is one of the most popular home screen replacement apps in the market, and they are especially well known for some of the great themes they have. This one is for the popular movie Kung Fu Panda, and features 60 icons, 4 wallpapers, a new folder interface, and a special looking app drawer. The theme is free, but you must have GO Launcher EX installed to use this theme.

10. Postagram

Postagram is a great new program for Android that lets you send printed photos from your phone via the mail to anywhere in the world. You can use a picture you already have on your phone, snap a new one, or use any photo from your Facebook. Once you have the picture selected, you can personalize it with a message and it will be printed up and delivered anywhere in the world for the low price of .99 cents. The program looks very interesting; especially with the way the photos/postcards are laid out and the personalization of the cards. The program is free, but the prints will cost .99 a piece.