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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – June 11, 2012

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It’s been a few weeks, but once again we’re back with the our picks for the Top new Android Apps of the past week…

1. Instapaper

If you do a lot of reading from your Android device you can do it offline with ease by using Instapaper for Android. Instapaper makes reading long articles or blog posts a breeze by saving them for offline reading at a later time. It has a slew of handy features and optimizes things to make reading easy when you’re on the go. You can check out Instapaper for $2.99 on Google Play.

2. U.S. Open Golf Championship

Golfers got a great app last week when the U.S. Open Golf Championship app hit Google Play. This is a must have app if you’re a golfer into the open, and it allows you to watch live video from the open including marquee group coverage. You get Video, Scores, News, and Photos and you can get it all for free.

3. Hatometr

If you get stressed and feel like cutting loose, but can’t you may want to try Hatometr from S&G&Soft. Hatometr lets you shake a cute little animal to pieces while it measures your undying rage. You get different animals to shake as you progress and it’s a great way to kill some time and let loose some frustrations. Hatometr can be you’re for the low price of free on Google Play.

4. Holo Launcher

Like the way ICS looks, but your phones a bit too old for it? If so, you should check out Holo Launcher from Mobint Software. Holo Launcher gives you the full Ice Cream Sandwich experience with grids, scrollable docks, ICS Icons, and desktop previews. It’s a handy app to have if you want the slick new look of ICS, but don’t have a phone that can run it. You can check out Holo Launcher for free on Google Play.

5. Million Moments

Million Moments helps turn your cherished memories into a slick digital photo album and like Sony’s other photo based android apps, it’s a breeze to use. You can creature multiple albums, attach labels, and share it all with the touch of a button. You can pick up Sony’s Million Moments app for free on Google Play.

6. Evernote Food

Evernote is a very popular app, and the Evernote Food app will be too as it helps you remember the food and meals you enjoy. If you’re eating out at a restaurant or a friend’s house the Evernote Food app will let you take photos of the food you love so you can save it for later or show it off through various social media channels. If you’re into eating or just enjoy taking pictures you can check out Evernote Corps Evernote Food app for free.

7. Park Me Right

Have trouble parking or losing your car? Par Me Right from SurfStudio Team can help you out with that by using a little augmented reality to help you find your ride. The app has a lot of handy features, and you can check it out for free on Google Play.

8. Kicksend

Are you a photobug? If you enjoy taking pictures and showing them off Kicksend can take care of that and more. This handy app lets you take pics & videos then lets you send them in large batches to anyone you like regardless of size. It’s a very good app to have it you need to send large pics, and best of all it’s free

9. Solar Charger

There are a few solar charging apps out there and Ruddy Mobile just put another one into the mix with its Solar Charger for Android. The Solar Charger app basically uses your phone’s screen as a solar charger and gives you’re battery some extra juice when you’re on the go. I haven’t tried any of these, but have friends that swear they work. If you want to give it a run you can pick up Ruddy’s Solar Charger for free on Google Play.

10. Voice flashlight

Flashlight apps are handy to have, but it still sucks fumbling for buttons when you’re in pitch black environments. That’s where Voice Flashlight comes in handy as you can control it with your voice. There are several different ways to set your lights up, it works well, and it’s free to download.

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