Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – June 17, 2011

1. Burn the Rope

Number one with a bullet this week is Burn the Rope. The popular iPhone game finally made its way over to Android and it was worth the wait. In Burn the Rope you’ll use start burning a rope, and have to tilt your phone certain ways to keep the flame going. It’s surprisingly addictive, very challenging, and best of all it’s free!  

2. Doodle Grub

Doodle Grub technically came out last week, but I somehow missed it and decided it deserved to be on this week’s list. What is Doodle Grub? Well, it’s kind of a take on the old Snake game, and you’ll navigate your grub by using your phones tilt controls. You’ll need to avoid enemies, eat apples, and get the ladybug power-ups. The controls are very responsive, and it’s a great little time killer to have on your phone. You can get Pixowl’s Doodle Grub for free in the market.  


3. Grand Prix Story Lite

In another one of those, “how did I miss this last week moments, “Grand Prix Story dropped late last week. Grand Prix story is a game from developers Kairosoft who make the awesome game known as Game Dev Story. Grand Prix puts you in charge of a racing team, where you’ll build cars and race them for money. There is a ton of depth to this game, and a lot to unlock as you go. I promise you that you’ll waste countless hours of your life playing this game, and that’s a good thing in this case. Grand Prix Story is available in a Lite version, or a paid version for 4.99.

4. Galaxy on Fire 2

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to play this yet, but from everything I’ve heard it’s the sickest game out. The graphics look gorgeous, and the gameplay is said to be dead-on. Galaxy on Fire 2 is a space shooter with a story, and a living galaxy! There are over 20 inhabited solar system and 100 space stations in the game. There are also tons of different ships to customize, and did I say the graphics look great? Right now the game is only available for select devices through the TegraZone.

5. Scre4m

Just when I thought I had seen it all, somebody went and released a Scream themed game. This game puts you in the role of old Ghost Face and lets you take down some teenagers. You basically have to kill your victims, while avoiding the cops. I haven’t tried it yet, but the screens do look good. There’s only a paid version available right now and you can get it for $1.29 in the Android market.

6. Angry Birds (update)

It may not technically be a “new” game, but you’ve gotta’ love Angry Birds and they added a new level set this seek called “Mine and Dine.” We got 15 new levels on the original version this week, and this time it’s set in a Mine. Those pesky piggies have burrowed underground to hide your eggs, and you’ll have to get them back. Same great graphics, and same great fun; just update your game and go get the piggies!

7. Spittle Wars

The point of Spittle Wars if haven’t already guessed it, is to spit on teachers, and classmates around the school. You can even activate something called “Super Spit” that will give you double points greenie mode… I’m not exactly sure what that is, but the game is pretty fun lol. The graphics are fitting, and it’s a great little time-killer. You can Spittle Wars for free in the Android market.

8. Doodle God Free

Doodle God Free hit the market this week, and if you’re a fan of Alchemy, you’re going to like Doodle God. It let’s you combine elements to make new item’s like armies, vodka, animals, and storms. There are over 300 items to create, and it has several quests you can do. The graphics are excellent, and the gameplay keeps you coming back for more. Doodle God has free and paid versions available in the market.

9. Slooh Space Camera

The Slooh Space Camera app put’s celestial events from Outer Space right on your phone. It uses a networks of robotic telescopes to pick up on major celestial events, and even let’s you snap pictures, and pick which feeds to watch. I can’t say much else about it at the moment as I downloaded Slooh the day after a Lunar Eclipse and unfortunately there’s nothing to see right now. Either way, it’s seems like a very cool application to have if you’re into Astronomy, and it’s free to download in the market.

10. Starbucks

Coffee giant Starbucks put out an Android app that will let users pay for coffee, track their stars, and reload their Starbucks card. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, by looking at the market comments, a lot of folks seem to be having issues with the app. Big dissapointment there, as a lot of folks love their coffee, and are going to be a bit upset. Personally I haven’t tried it, as I drink my coffee black, so no need for a frappamochachino or whatever they’re called. Whether it works on your device or not, I’m sure Starbucks will have it working on ALL phones soon enough.

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