Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – June 24, 2011

1. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope finally came out this week, and it looks & plays great. The premise is that you’re trying to feed a little monster by dropping candy into his mouth via the ropes. All is not as simple as it seems though, as it will become quite tricky to keep the little guy fed as the levels progress. The game has around 175 levels right now, and more will be added soon. It’s a fun game that anyone will be able to pick up and play, and the best part is that it’s totally free! If you’re looking for some great fun you can pick up Cut the Rope from GetJar (yup getjar) for free. If you need a little more enticement of how great the game is, you can check out our Full Review.

2. Star Dunk

Think shooting  basketball in space, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what Star Dunk is like. It threw me off at first with the controls, but once I got the hang of it, I had a hard time putting it down. The online/multi-player mode is the icing on the cake with Star Dunk; it’s also a game that anyone should be able to play once they get the controls figured out. Star Dunk is free to download in the Android market.

3. Straight Spittin Trial

I’m not going to say much about this one, except that the concept is really great, some people never need to rap, and I love this app! To sum it up, this app will let you get into Rap battles online with people across the globe. Finally anyone who’s ever wanted to Rap (but shouldn’t) can spit their rhymes for all the world to hear. Endorsed by Rah Digga, Straight Spittin let’s you Rap, listen to other people’s flow, or just Vote on what’s been put up so far. I will definitely be reviewing this in full very, very soon. Until then, you can check it out Straight Spittin’ for yourself in the Android market. (Update) – The Full Review is up…

4. Pirates 3D Cannon Master

Pirates 3D Cannon Master is a new game from Noumena Innovations that let’s you blast away at rival Pirate ships. The main draw of this game are the sharp looking 3D graphics, and the fact that it’s an online multi-player game! There’s an offline practice mode in case your a bit leery of going right into it, and there is also a global high scoring system. The controls can be a little tricky at first, but overall I had a good time with the game. You can check out Pirates 3D Cannon Master for free in the Market.

5. Third Eye

The Third Eye is a new Augmented Reality game from Viewdle that uses Face Recognition to put you into the game. You’ll be recognized as a Vampire or Slayer, and will have to build an army and hunt enemies that are around you. It’s in beta and I couldn’t get it to go on my Captivate, but it seems to work on other phones. It’s a very interesting concept, which I’ll be keeping an eye on for a bit. Keep in mind it is in “Beta” and you check it out in the Market.

6. Shaky Tower

Shaky Tower is a block staking game with a twist, which is you’ll get to sway your phone to control the gravity. Most block games just have you stacking, but when you have to stack while tilting the phone to keep them upright it adds a new element to the game. Shaky Tower has several different worlds, and modes of play. It’s also free, and you can grab it in the Market.

7. Draw Slasher

Draw Slasher has 4 things that I dearly love… Zombies, Ninja’s, Pirates and Monkeys!! You will play as a ninja, and will have to hack & slash your way through the evil Pirate Monkey Zombies. The gameplay was fast and furious on the old Captivate, and very bloody as well. Draw Slasher is a fun little hack & slash game, and while there isn’t a free version available the full version will only set you back around .72 cents.  

8. Hulu Plus

By now I’m sure everyone has heard of the service known as Hulu, and now you can get it on your Android device. Hulu let’s you stream TV shows to your phone or tablet, and they have quite a few shows to choose from. The app only supports selected devices at the moment, and while the app is free, the service is not. If you’re a current Hulu subscriber you can pick up Hulu Plus in the market.  

9. Honeycomb Launcher

The HoneyComb launcher from ISAmobile-Apps will help you get a little taste of Honeycomb for those phones still without it. It’s pretty much a clone of the stock Honeycomb launcher, and will work with most devices running Android 2.1 or higher. Great way to switch up the look of your phone a bit, without having to go all out and it’s free!

10. ZomBeans

ZomBeans is a game based on a series of illustrated novel by Donovan Scherer. The game features 12 stages with 3 modes of difficulty, and has animated characters from the Fear & Sunshine series. If you’re a fan of the books, this app would be a must. The graphics look great, and ZomBeans is free to download from the Market.

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