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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – March 19, 2012

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1. Slice

Slice is a new Android app that lets you track & organize your purchases, and it’s a must have if you do a lot of online shopping. The app works with Gmail & Yahoo Mail to find receipts/tracking numbers in your email and then gives you all the data in one easy to use interface. Slice has a lot of other cool features as well; we’ll have a full write-up on the app later in the week. You can pick up Slice for free on Google Play.

2. Adobe Shadow

Adobe Shadow is a new Android App from Adobe systems that allows mobile web developers and designers to sync up their mobiles to their pc’s to check things out. It lets you wirelessly pair your devices to your computer, target devices for debugging, and make changes to your HTML markup. Adobe Shadow looks to be a solid app, and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

3. The CW Network App

The CW Network App is a new official app from the CW that will let you check out some of your favorite shows for free while you’re on the go. You’ll be able to watch the latest full episodes of the CW’s primetime shows along with clips, photos and social interaction through Facebook & Twitter. I haven’t checked this out as I don’t watch anything on that network, but you can pick up the CW Network App for free on Google Play.

4. Evite

Evite is an Android App that makes it easy to send invitations when your own the go. The app allows you to create invites, manage guest lists, and RSVP to events.  You can also get push notifications for event updates, when people add comments or when guests RSVP. You can check out Evite for free in on Google Play.

5. Toddler Musical Instruments

Toddler Musical Instruments is a fun picture book for kids that plays sounds for each image and teaches your child to about music. You’ll get 24 sounds covering a wide range of instruments, it’s all very simple to use and works well. You can get Toddler Musical Instruments in two versions; free with ads or sans ads for $0.99 cents.

6. SuperSU

SuperSU is a new SuperUser app from Chainfire, and if I’ve already confused you buy saying that then you need to skip this one. SuperSU allows for advanced management of your superuser rights for all the apps on your device that need root. You need to be rooted to have this, and if you’re rooted you’re probably already running this or another one. It’s an awesome app that you can get for free or you if you want some added functionality you can pick up the Pro version for $2.49.

7. TED for Android

Most of our readers have probably heard of TED, and now everyone can know about the awesomeness known as TED with the official TED Android app. The TED app lets you browse more than 1200 TEDTalk videos and audios from some of the world’s most fascinating people, from tech guru’s to music legends there’s a little something for every in the TED app. If you want to get your TED on you can pick up the app for free on Google Play.

8. Robin

Robin is a new personal voice assistant app from Magnifis, Inc. that’s set to help you out while you’re on the go. Robin can help you with parking, navigation, and traffic or even tell you a joke or the time. The app is in Beta right now and only focusing on locations in California, so if you’re not in Cali be sure to check back soon. More locations are coming soon, but if you’re in Cali you can try Robin now for free.

9. Jelli Radio

Jelli Radio is a cool new 100% user-controlled radio station that lets you listen and decide what’s hot and what’s not. The listening community controls what plays on every station by voting, and there are plenty of channels to check out covering most of the major genres. If you want to give Jelli Radio a go, you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

10. AppGarden

AppGarden is a new Android app from Fluffy Delusions that gives you dozens of useful utilities all in one app. You get conversions, temperatures, mapping, phrases, album art, stock quotes, and audio recorders. There are literally dozens of different things this app can do and more will be added soon. You can get AppGarden in a Lite Ad-supported version or full versions sans ads for $1.99.

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