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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – March 25, 2011

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Top 10 Android Apps -April 1, 2011 >><< Top 10 Android Apps -March 18, 2011 There are a lot of great Android apps released every week, and it can be hard to find the good ones. Well have no fear! Here are 10 of our favorites from this week…

1. Angry Birds Rio

I’m  sure everyone already knows what this one is. If you don’t your missing out. It’s the new version of the mega-hit Angry Birds. The game play stays the same, but the graphics have improved. New levels, animals and other cool stuff.  If you’re a fan of the games, you can get Angry Birds Rio over at Amazon for 99 cents.

2. Outbreak! Zombies Beta

Cool new location based RPG that lets you “stay alive” while the zombies attack. You can use it to find other survivors in your area, as well as zombies. All of this is done with GLAST, which stands for GeoLocation Apocalypse Survival Tool. You must beware though; the zombies can find you too! It’s free and in Beta right now so check it out.

Pokemon Tower Defense Android Arcade & Action3. Pokemon Tower Defense

If you like Pokemon and Tower Defense games, you are going to want to grab this. The pokemon evolve just like in the real game (cap of 10), and you can capture the enemies and add them to your own. All 151of the original pokemon you love are in the game. The developer says it’s in “Alpha” and updates will be forthcoming.

4. Inferno Galaxy Live Wallpaper

It’s one of four new live wallpapers in the Maxelus Galaxy Tetralogy. This one’s entitled Inferno Galaxy and it’s awesome. It runs smoothly on my Captivate, and I didn’t experience any hangups. Did I mention that it looks awesome?

5. Carnival Pinball

Slick new pinball game with an online global score board. Has great graphics and the physics were good. Comes with three levels, with more to be added soon. Developer says it will run on all Android Phones and Tablets.

6. Ghost Wars Pro

Fun game that’s very similar to The Wars if you’ve ever played that. It’s a defense/RTS game with some cool graphics. You produce a series of different  warriors and send them to attack the enemies base. You can upgrade your units, hometown, and fire arrow. When you kill other units, you’ll get gold, which you use for the upgrades.

7. Gre Theme for GO Launcher EX

Here’s a new Theme for GO Launcher EX. Nice green theme for those of you with the popular GO Launcher. Not much to say really, it looks great and it’s free. If you like green, go grab it.

8.  Mobo Music Player

It’s an Android music player that lets you  preview millions of songs and you can also download them for free. It has a great search feature and seems to have a lot of modern stuff. It has several different categories you can browse through like All-Time songs, All-Time R&B, etc. You can also make and edit songlists.

9. Extreme Formula

Here we have a futuristic racing game called Extreme Formula. It’s a challenging game with plenty of features. You’ll get 65 tuning items, 10 tracks and 5 vehicles to play with. There are also various games modes and a tech tree system. Fun little game for racing fans looking for something different.

10. Tetronimo

At number 10  we have a blast from the past with a Tetris clone called Tetronimo. Who doesn’t love Tetris though? It’s simple to use and the graphics are nice. You just have to move the blocks and tap the screen to rotate. It’s got the classic Tetris music and has a global score and ranking system.

Top 10 Android Apps -April 1, 2011 >><< Top 10 Android Apps -March 18, 2011