Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – May 27, 2011

It seemed to be a slow release for games this week, but there were still some good ones thrown into the market. We did get a great new game in the form of Robotek, but got nothing new from Gameloft, and still no Plants vs Zombies yet. If PopCap sticks to their word, I can already tell you what next week’s numero uno will be! Anywho, here are our Top 10 Android Apps of the week…

1. Robotek

Robotek is still a new comer in the Android market, but it seems to be gaining steam quickly. It’s got some killer retro graphics, and the gameplay aint’ bad either. Robotek has a unique battle system that’s pretty much a slot machine that you’ll spin to see what kind of attack you’ll get. There is strategy involved as well though, as you can attack, hack or call in support bots. The graphics alone had me sold on this game, but the interesting gameplay makes it a game I’ll be keeping on my phone for awhile. If you need some more info, you can read our full review or you can go ahead and grab Robotek in the Android Market for free.

2. The Night Flier

The Night Flier originally caught my eye as its name is the same as one of my favorite Stephen King short stories. I was pumped and thought, “Wow a great Vampire game!!” Well, it’s not what I thought, but it is fun and there is a bat involved. In Night Flier you are a small bat soaring through the night skies and you’ll have to avoid cats, planes, and all sorts of things as you try to make it to the next level. There are 10 levels, and a few surprises thrown in for good measure as well. I really liked the cartoonish graphics with this one, and the gameplay was quick and fun. Night Flier is available in the market for .99 cents.

3. BBC News

The BBC finally released their news app into the market this week, and it’s pretty slick. The app has videos, news, and you can even personalize the homescreen by adding and removing categories to your liking. The part I liked the best was the Live streaming of the BBC news channel, anyone can enjoy that provided that you’re running Android 2.2 and have Flash. If you’d like keep up to date on your worldly news, you can grab the BBC News App in the market for free.

4. Cloudy

Cloudy is a clever puzzler from developer DroidHen. It combines puzzles, math and action all in one game… and there’s a paper plane involved as well. Your goal is to guide your paper plane to its destination by finding the proper route, avoiding clouds and collecting stars along the way. There are 50 levels available and best of all it’s free!

5. Beautiful Widgets Lite

One of the most popular Widget packs put out a lite version this week, and it’s great! The popular Beautiful Widgets Lite set includes clock & weather widgets, weather condition/forecast, moon phases, and weather animations along with a few other goodies. The full version give you all that and toggle widgets, battery widgets, beautiful home widgets and around 500 different skins for those cool looking widgets.

6. eBuddy XMS

eBuddy XMS is a full featured messaging app that lets you use pictures, text, emoticons and more. eBuddy uses your internet connection which means you can share unlimited messages with all of your XMS contacts. It has a very slick layout, and with over 100 emoticons you’ll always be able to express yourself in fun ways. eBuddy XMS is free to download from the Android market.

7. Red Bull BC One

Ever want to be a breakdancing champion? If your answer is yes, but you can’t dance a lick then you might like Red Bull BC One. This game places you in the role of a break dancer who’s trying to make it to the top. It has around 650 motion-captured moves from real breakdancers, and 14 famous locations in 3D. To my knowledge it’s the only break dancing game for Android, so kudos for that! Again, there is no free version available (seeing a lot of that lately), and the paid version is $1.11 in the market.

8. Earth Battle

Earth Battle is a fun shooter where you’ll need to stop aliens from enslaving the human race. The controls are about as easy as you can get, just tap to fire and that’s it! It’s a fun game, but I do have on complaint… the ads could be a bit smaller or at least placed in a different spot. They can sometimes cover up targets, so it can be a bit of a pain. Either way, it’s new and I’m sure they can get the ad issue fixed in a quick update.

9. PetitWing

PetitWing puts you in charge of a crow that wants to get his eggs back from the bad Pinkies. The premise is simple, you’ll use blocks to jump higher and eat candy for more energy so you can fly longer. Once your launched you’ll need to keep your speed up, eat candies, rescue your eggs, and avoicd the pink crows… all while trying to fly as far as you can. It’s a simple little time-killer with cute graphics. There isn’t a free version, but you can get the paid version of PetitWing for .99 in the Market.

10. Shark Reef Live Wallpaper (Free)

I love live wallpapers, and I also love sharks (who doesn’t) so I was happy to see this new live wallpaper in the market this week. The Shark Reef Live Wallpaper puts sharks and some exotic fish right on your homescreen. This is the free version, but the paid version will give you lots of options like different backgrounds, species of shark, sunlight and bubbles!

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