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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – May 6, 2011

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This one’s a no brainer for the top spot. If you subscribe to HBO, you can now watch the channel streaming from you phone. I’m a huge fan of HBO’s series, and had this bad boy on my phone as soon as I knew it was out. I works great, and they have a lot more selection through HBO GO than they do on the actual channel itself. They have all the recent series like The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, and my personal favorite Eastbound & Down. The movie selection is packed as well, just watch the new Nightmare on Elm Street last night. If you have HBO go get this app now, if you haven’t already.

2. Google I/O 2011

Google I/O 2011 is the official app of the conference, and the best way to keep updated on what’s going on there. For those that are lucky enough to attend Google I/O, this app has a map, schedule, and a real time search stream. It also allows you to get info on companies in the Developer Sandbox & look through session & speaker information. For those of us that can’t attend, it has a live feed, which is going to be handy. If you want to be kept in the loop on Google I/O, you can grab this app in the market for free.

3. Space Bunnies

Space Bunnies is an awesome new game that puts you in charge of getting some bunnies back to their Homeworld. You do this through using the tilt-controls, which let you zip, blast, and zoom your way through outer space. It’s a great looking game, with responsive controls, and lots of levels. If your in the market for a great time-killer, go grab Space Bunnies in the Android Market for free.

4. Blastr

If your a big fan of sci-fi, your gonna like Blastr. This cool little app will keep you up to date on things in the world of science fiction & fantasy. It covers TV, movies, books, and games and has a lot of cool features. You can see trailers, watch interviews, get sneak previews, and even see who’s being cast in the Hunger Games. It’s a great app if you want to keep updated on the entertainment side of the sci-fi genre. Best of all it’s free!

5. Grow

In this funky game your job is to eat other fish, while working your way up the food chain. You start as an egg, but will grow every time you eat another fish. There are plenty of upgrades and levels; which give it a great replay factor. The graphics look good as well, overall it’s really just a fun game to play. There isn’t a free version available, but you can get the full version for 1.99.

6. Magic Mushrooms Live Wallpaper

Magic Mushrooms is a trippy live wallpaper where you can, well…watch mushrooms. It’s a lot cooler than it sounds, they glow at night and actually do look pretty trippy. There are a few other customizable options thrown in there as well. No free version here, just the paid coming in at 1.63.

7. Wisp Lite

Wisp is a Nordic themed puzzle adventure game with a unique style. You’ll guide Eira (a forest wisp) through the mystical forest, while avoiding the black blood of Fáfnir & solving puzzles. You gain powers through elemental shrines spread throughout the woods, which will help you stay alive as you travel through the unique looking levels. Wisp Lite is free, and it’s the prologue to the main game Wisp.

8. Prismatic Free Live Wallpaper

Prismatic Live Wallpaper give you a full fledged kaleidoscope, right on your home screen. The OpenGL simulated kaleidoscope shifts with touch & time to give your home screen a really cool look. This version is free,  but the paid version will give you some really cool settings like background, speed, size of the rings and more.

9. Pinball Classic

There’s a new Pinball game in the market by the name of Pinball Classic from Terran Droid. This classic looking pinball game has great graphics & cinematic’s, and is super easy to play. The physics are very realistic as well. Overall, it’s a great classic style pinball game that anyone should be able to pick up and play.

10. TrackChecker

Ever get tired of waiting for a package, and want to check its delivery status? Sure, all you have to do is go online check the site. Well, if you have a lot of packages coming in from different companies; this is the app for you. TrackChecker will let you track packages from over 80 postal services around the world. The app has several filters, and can even send you notifications which is great. My favorite feature is the widget, it’s already come in handy once this week. It’s a great program, and it’s also free to download in the Android Market.