1. Where’s My Water?

Where’s My Water? is a brand new physics puzzler from Disney that involves an Alligator named Swampy who lives just wants to be clean. It’s also one of the best puzzle/physics games to come out in awhile, and its a very solid game all the way through. Great graphics, engaging gameplay and 120 levels are more than enough to keep anyone entertained for a while, and there are more levels coming in future updates free of charge. No trial version is available, but trust me when I say the game is a DEAL at $1.99. Head on over to the Android market and pick it up; you won’t regret it!

2. Beat that Boardwalk w/ DJ Pauly D

I may catch some flack for this one at #2, but DJ Pauly D’s Beat that Boardwalk was (surprisingly) one of the best games to come out this week. They took the Gelled-up Guido from the Jersey Shore and put him into a retro NES style game that has GTL, gorilla juice heads, grenades, and plenty of ladies to creep on. The controls are a little weak, but it’s still a well done game and one I never though I’d see in the market. You can get Beat that Boardwalk starring Pauly D in the Android Market for $0.99 cents.

3. Fire and Dice

If you’re a fan of dice games like Yatzee or Kismet you’re gonna’ dig a new one called Fire and Dice from Sky Parlor Studios. Fire and Dice puts a graphical approach on the dice games of old as you’ll use the combos you roll to help put out fires in a little town. It’s a great dice/strategy game that is a lot of fun and will keep you busy for quite a while. You can pick up the trial or full version of Fire and Dice in the Android market.

4. Photo Editor

Sony’s Photo Editor is a full-fledged photo editor for your phone that lets you do effects, frames, and stickers along with a slew of other editing features. There are over 40 effects in all and you can fix any changes you make (and don’t like) easily with the undo/redo features. There are a lot of photo editors out there, but this is one of the most polished ones we’ve seen and there are some really great effects as well. No trial version, but Sony’s Photo Editor can be had for $2.49 in the Android market.

5. A Knights Dawn

A Knights Dawn is a new tower defense game from VisionaryX that puts a fun new twist on the classic Tower Defense game. Instead of simply placing towers and upgrading them, you’ll have to take into account the layout of the land and the strength of your units as well as the viciousness of your attackers. I actually stayed up half the night playing this one, and its very hard to put down once you get going with it. You can pick up A Knights Dawn for free in the Android market.

6. Bag It!

Bag It! is a quirky new game from Hidden Variable Studios that puts you to work bagging groceries. The game has been described as “Tetris meets Toy Story” and after playing it I’m inclined to agree. Bag It! has 50+ levels full of puzzles and unique modes; the graphics are unique as well and best of all the game is a whole lotta’ fun. You   can pick up Bag It! for $1.99 in the Android market.

7. ChuChu Rocket!

Sega dropped an awesome game into the market this week called ChuChu Rocket! It’s a puzzle game that involves little mice named ChuChu’s that are lost and are trying to get back to their rocket ship. You’ll have to help them through 500+ unique puzzles and past hungry cats & bottomless pits. It’s a fun game that should be a “must have” on any puzzle game addicts list. You can grab ChuChu Rocket! in the Android market for $0.99 cents. 

8. Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia

I haven’t gotten to play Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia yet, but from what I’ve seen and heard it’s going to be one of the best RPG’s out for Android. The game gives you 4 playable characters with unique skills as well as a large number of quests and side missions. The one feature that instantly grabbed my attention is the ability to make your own items and the online market that lets you trade with other players. Personally, I’m looking forward to spending some time with this game next week. There is a lite version of Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia or you can get the full version for $3.90.

9. Video Connecter

Video Connector from Sony is a handy little android app that lets you combine your own video clips to make a full length movie. It’s very simple to use and your able to add, delete and change the order of your video clips by using a little circular button. As with all of Sony’s SDNA apps, Video Connector can be used in conjunction with their other products to give you a full suite of video & photo editing application for your phone. You can pick up Video Connector for $2.99 in the Android market.

10. Race of Champions

If you like racing games, Race of Champions by Invictus is one of the slickest looking racing games in recent memory. It uses real cars, has real tracks and took input from real drivers including Michèle Mouton plus Marc Duez.People have been waiting for this racing game for awhile, and while the early reviews are mixed it looks like it will be a solid game if they can get the kinks worked out. You can try out Race of Champions for free, just be prepared for a large download and having to deal with Facebook Credits.

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